Sunday, 19 October 2014

Travelodge - Get up and go!

I have to admit that Travelodge are always one of the first companies I think of when I think of hotel stays in this country, we have used them on many occasions over the years, be it for somewhere to crash after a friends wedding, or somewhere to stay before a family day out which happens to be a bit too far away from home.

But it has been almost 2 years since our last Travelodge stay and in that time there have been some big changes.

I am sure you have all seen the Travelodge adverts inspiring you to get up and go, to explore all that Britain has to offer. They say that "whether you are going to take the kids, leave the kids, or make more kids, there are now over 500 Travelodge hotels to base yourself in and thousands of new beds to get up and go from.”

What caught my eye about this was the new beds. As we already use Travelodge as our get up and go base. They have been investing a million pounds a week in modernising their hotels and they have installed more than 37,000 new Travelodge Dreamer beds! I wanted to find out just how comfy they were, as you know, I am a terrible sleeper so would the Travelodge Dreamer beds get a thumbs up from me?

Well, on October 10th 2014 we got to find out! Quite often when we visit Center Parcs we use Barton Mills Travelodge either before our holiday or after our holiday, or both. This is so that we can explore the local area and extend our holiday, plus is also means that we can avoid the dreaded rush our traffic on the M25! The Staff are always polite and friendly, and happy to help with local suggestions. But I have to admit, that on the last couple of visits, previous to this one, the decor and general state of the rooms left a lot to be desired, they were worn out and tired and it showed!

We arrived pretty late (for us) at around 8.30pm, we queued for a couple of minutes whilst people before us were checked in. Then when it was our turn, we were greeted with a smile and checked in pretty quickly. We were told that should we need extra towels or help getting out the extra bed then just let them know and they would be happy to help.

Our room was lovely and spacious, plenty of room for us, it had tea and coffee making facilities and even a bottle opener attached to the main 'desk' unit! The decor had certainly been updated since our last visit, it now had a refreshed look, which went very well with the Travelodge colours and included some lovely calming colours.

The bathroom has had a makeover too. Its simple but makes total sense. The walls in the bath/shower area are no longer tiled, they have got a waterproof white wall instead. A lovely touch was the body and hair wash dispenser attached to the wall, and also the hand soap dispenser near the sink.

The bed was indeed a new Travelodge Dreamer bed, and it was super comfy. The pillows still do not get a thumbs up from me though, as I had the age old problem of 1 pillow not enough and 2 pillows too much. This could easily be resolved by using a thinner pillow as the second pillow!

Another feature of the new bed was that 2 'childrens beds' came out from underneath it. The lovely receptionist helped put the extra one up for us (Chester's was already up when we arrived). It was a super quick process, She simply pulled out from under the bed, popped the legs up and then added the sheets, duvet and pillows. Millie loved her bed and the fact she had a 'big bed' next to Mummy and Daddy's certainly made it easier to get her to sleep. Chester couldn't decide if he liked the bed or not, he loved it at first, but I think after a while he realised that it was not a comfy as his bed at home, nether the less he did fall asleep in it and both Children slept really well!

Travelodge has also slashed prices for wifi to an initial free period of 30 minutes and £3 for up to 24hrs. This was advertised in our room and Craig seemed to be able to get onto his free 30 minutes no problem. I however, struggled. It was not really that much of a problem though, as we were only staying for one night and it was a family visit, so not really time to surf the net!

Did you spot Millie's makeshift Baby Panda bed in that last picture?! She was pretty appalled that they didn't provide beds for Pandas to be honest! Heehee!

Overall we were really impressed with the improvements made to Travelodge Hotels. We all agreed that it certainly made our stay more comfortable and we actually enjoyed having an evening just chilling out in the room! The best part was I did actually sleep better than I normally do, so the new Dreamer beds must be good!

Have you stayed in a Travelodge recently? What do you think of the changes?

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