Friday, 17 October 2014

The back to School squeeze with Primula

Chester is in Year 1 at School now, and he is finding it a whole different experience to Reception. Not in a bad way, he is enjoying the new learning challenges that come with being in Year 1. But I think that he is using all of his energy at School to try and sit still, an almost impossible task for Chester (his teacher agrees). 

The problem with this, is that by the time I pick him up at the end of the School day, he is exhausted! Its impossible to get any sense out of him. If you ask him what he has done during the day, his answer is almost always ' I can't remember'. Its so frustrating for me! But I always have to think about the bigger picture and remind myself that he has had a busy day learning. 

As soon as we get home, he always asks for something to eat. The problem is that he will of had a big lunch at School so he is not quite hungry enough for another big hot dinner, but he just needs a small tea to satisfy his hunger. As soon as he has eaten he is (usually) back to his normal happy self!

Primula have brought out a new Primula Kids cheese spread. Primula is perfect for younger cheese eaters as it has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and reduced salt, as well as added calcium. 

Primula have challenged me (and the children) to come up with a dish using Primula Kids. 

So we put our thinking caps on and came up with what we think is the perfect after School snack! 

Cheese and ham croissants! 

All you need is:
1 tube of croissant dough
1 tube of Primula Kids cheese spread
2 slices of ham cut into small squares

Now I should mention, that on the the day we chose to make these, Chester decided to have an ultra big strop so would not help us at all! Although he happily ate them afterwards so I think the dish was a success! 

We rolled out the dough, into 6 triangles. Then squeezed some of the Primula onto each one, using a knife to spread into a thin even layer.

We then sprinkled on some ham.

Then rolled the dough up from the base of the triangle to the tip.

Placed on a baking tray and bake at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes until golden. 

We ate them warm and they were delicious, they went down a treat! Both children approved, I love the fact that I could involve the children and in no time at all we had an afternoon snack to eat!

Do your children come home with the after School grumps? Do you have any tricks to make them happy again?!

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