Sunday, 5 October 2014

Ruby and the Naughty Cats by Jane Hissey. Review

As you know, I really love reading with the children. We have shelves upon shelves of books, the children go through phases of having favourites. But they do have books that they go back to time and time again. Jane Hissey books are amongst those that they go back to.

You may remember last year that we reviewed Ruby, Blue and Blanket. The children really love that book, the fun the stuffed animals have makes for an exciting read!

So you can imagine the reaction I got when Ruby and the Naughty Cats arrived in the post!

As suspected it has become an instant hit.

The book is (as the title suggests) about some naughty cats. Ruby, Blue and Blanket are trying to play, but the cats keeps coming along and ruining what they are playing! They made poor Ruby loose her hat when they got in the way of the race, they even gatecrashed a picnic and ate all of the food! I dont want to give too much away, so I will let you discover what other mischief they get up to for yourself!

With the Cats being a bit mischievous, the story went down really well with Chester and Millie! I kept saying 'oooh these cats remind me of two children I know'. Of course this started off a fit of giggles! Then Millie kept saying 'oh those cheeky cats'!

The illustrations, as always with Jane Hissey books, are just so lovely, the children look at them for ages even after I have finished reading the words on the page!

Ruby and the Naughty Cats is a joy to read, I would totally recommend it! Its a hardback book and the RRP is £10.99, its currently available to purchase on Amazon for £8.80.

Do your children have favourite bedtime stories?

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