Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Millie has some fun at a Princess and Pirate toddler group!

Last week Millie and I met up with some friends and went to a Princess and Pirate themed toddler group that had been organised by our local Sure Start Centre.

I have to admit that I do feel a bit guilty when it comes to Millie. When Chester was younger I used to take him to groups at least 2 times a week, most weeks it would be more than that. But nowadays I am finding it a bit of a struggle to fit it all in! So Millie is lucky if she gets to go to one a month!

So I really wanted to make sure we did attend this Princess and Pirate toddler group as I knew that Millie would absolutely love it!

The day before I told her we were going to be attended a special Princess group, and she was allowed to choose what Princess dress she wanted to wear. She chose to wear her Anna dress. What a surprise!

When we got there she was excited to see that her friends were all dressed up too! Two of her boy friends were dressed up as pirates and then her girl friends were dressed up as Princess Sophia and two Tinkerbells!

There were lots of activities laid out for the Children to choose from. They had a Pirate sand pit, Pirate mask making, musical instruments, Play doh,  Princess Mirror making and tiara making!

Millie of course headed straight for the Princess tiara making!

She then had a go at making a Princess Play doh face and decorating a Princess Mirror too!

In the background they had Jake and the Neverland Pirate music playing, which Millie happily sang along to. Then they had some Princess songs, but best of all they had the Frozen soundtrack playing. This was the highlight of the morning for Millie, she done her usual dramatic expressive dance moves, which was so funny cute to watch!

The fun morning was topped off with snack time. It was a really great, well organised themed toddler group, its lovely that we have such a great Sure Start Centre nearby, they always make such an effort into making sure the activities are relevant and that the Children are enjoying themselves.

Do you have a local Sure Start Centre nearby? Do you attend their sessions?

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