Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lego City Coast Guard Review

Recently, Chester was sent the Lego City Coast Guard set to review from He is a big Lego Fan, especially Lego City at the moment. The Lego OCD in me wants to set up a room specifically for all of the Lego City sets that he has built! But then I have to remember that he is just 6 years old and loves to use his imagination, build, knockdown and rebuild all of the time!

I have been using Suppose over the last few weeks. Basically, you type in what you are looking for and they find the best price for that item. As someone who will search for hours to find the best possible deal, I am finding it to be a great help, especially with Christmas coming up!

Chester couldn't wait to get into this Lego City set. He has a couple of the smaller Coast Guard sets so this was a great addition to his collection.

He is 6 years old now and Lego building is one of the very few things that he will actually sit still for!

As you know, he is a very independant child, he likes to take charge and complete things all by himself. Lego is no exception.

This particular set is recommended for ages 5-12, as always the instruction booklet did a really great job to break down the instructions into bite sized chunks with pictures to follow.

In total the whole set took Chester (with no help from me) 30 minutes to make, it kept him interested the whole time, he especially liked the fact he needed to stick some stickers onto the set! But more importantly now that it is made it creates hours of imaginative play!

The set did come with some spare parts, always a bonus when you are dealing with such small pieces. It even came with a Red hard hat as an alternative to the recommended blue hard hats, Chester loved that he had the choice of hat colours for his Coast Guards!

Suppose have found The Lego City Coast Guard set  on sale for just £7.98 which is a great discount off of its usual £14.99!

Do your children love Lego? Do they have a favourite set or do they just enjoy creating their own ideas?

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