Thursday, 30 October 2014

Classic Tiny Tears Interactive Doll Review & Giveaway!

When ever I think of Tiny Tears I think of my Sister throwing endless tea party's for her dolls and teddy's! Tiny Tears (and Timmy) were always invited! Tiny Tears was my Sister's most loved doll.

Millie appears to of taken after my Sister on the dolly front, she loves them! She is such a loving and caring little girl, she loves nothing more than to get all her dolls out and give them cuddles and pretend bottles of milk or food. 

Did you know, Tiny Tears is over 40 years old! I love that Tiny Tear's is still going strong, it means that Millie has the chance to play with something that was so big in mine and my Sister's Childhood, but with an updated twist...

This year sees the introduction of the Classic Tiny Tears Interactive doll, which Millie has been sent to review. It combines the traditional doll with the latest technology. Press her belly to hear her laugh, cry or say ‘mamma’, or feed her with her drinking bottle and listen as she makes drinking sounds.  When you're done, take the bottle away to hear a satisfied burp!  Press the button on her back and she'll cry real tears to show she needs some comforting.  When it’s time for potty training, sit her down on her potty to see her ‘go’!  

Millie absolutely loved Tiny Tears from the moment I gave her to her. Then when she realised that Tiny Tears could 'talk' to her she was over the moon! She loves to hear Tiny Tears laugh so spends a lot of time pressing her tummy until she laughs! 

She is amazed that she can feed Tiny Tear's real water, its really easy for her to do, and she loves that she burps after she has finished!

Of course, once she has drunk her water, Millie is pretty insistent that Tiny Tears sits on her potty. With Millie recently being potty trained herself she absolutely loves showing Tiny Tears how its done!

She then carefully puts her nappy back on, although this normally as far as she gets, its normally me that ends up putting the clothes back on Tiny Tears!

Millie is a naturally caring little girl, so when I pressed the button on Tiny Tears back to make her cry, Millie was quite concerned. She gave her cuddles and words of reassurance. Then she realised that she was crying 'real tears' and she was amazed! Sure, she has dolls that make a crying sound, but none that actually cry real tears!!

I love the updated version of this classic doll. It really gives another dimension to imaginative play, Tiny Tears keeps Millie entertained for hours, and as you have probably guessed she almost always have to follow Millie wherever we go!

The Tiny Tears Interactive comes complete with all the accessories to get motherhood off to a good start including bottle, bib, potty and nappy. She has an RRP of £26.99, which I think is a really good price for such a great interactive doll!

Its no surprise to me that she was the Winner in the Best New Toy Awards at London Toy Fair, Tiny Tears Interactive is perfect for any little girl.

Do you know someone who would love a Classic Tiny Tears Interactive Doll?! 

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