Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Another 30th Birthday treat ticked off the list!

Not one to do things by halves, I am still celebrating my 30th Birthday. Which was in August!

Although, if you remember I was actually not looking forward to my 30th, but since celebrating it and receiving such wonderful and thoughtful presents I have decided to embrace it!

You may remember that one of my presents was a trip to Center Parcs, Elveden, which we took last week. It was a much needed break for us, time to spend some quality family time together, just the four of us.

We had a totally amazing week, we are massive Center Parcs fans, I have been going since I was a child and I love that I can now enjoy it with my Husband and Children. We booked lots of activities before we arrived so had lots to look forward too. The children were practically bouncing off of the walls with excitement in the run up to it!

To tell you everything we did would make for a pretty long blog post and amount to an evenings worth of reading! So here are some highlights...

When we arrived, our first port of call was The Pancake House for brunch! Its a favourite of mine and the children really loved it too! Millie thought it was hilarious that she could have beans on her pancake and Chester loved choosing his own toppings and decorating his own! Craig and I are so predictable, we both had the American, which is a bacon and maple syrup pancake! We couldn't resist a pudding pancake as well!

We had 2 leisurely (but competitive) games of bowling. It was boys against girls, the girls got off to a great start with a strike on the first go! We won the first game, but the boys managed to win the second, boooo!

The wildlife! This is one of the many reasons we really love Center Parcs. About 5 minutes after arriving at our accommodation we had seen Squirrels and Ducks! By day 2 we had also seen a young deer (we saw a female one as well by the end of the week), a bunny rabbit, a heron, 2 Kookaburra's, moor hens and geese. This was all from looking out of our patio doors! It was amazing to wake up to see all the wildlife awake and awaiting their breakfast! Chester and Millie absolutely loved it, it was really special to watch them get so excited about the wildlife!

We had two lovely meals out at Hucks, an American themed restaurant. What I love about Hucks is that they have a great play area and some computers right in the middle of the restaurant. The children can have a buffet dinner and then once they are finished they can go and play, whilst the Craig and I chose off of the menu and ate our meal at our own pace and without having to keep stopping to sort the children out! They were happy, we were happy. Job done!

Pizza making and pottery painting we joint activities the children could do together. They really had a great time. They made some friends at Pizza making, it was so cute when they saw them again throughout the week! No surprised that Chester chose to paint a Dinosaur and Millie chose, wait for it... a Panda!!

Chester had a fantastic time at a Football training session. He is on the waiting list for a local club so is desperate to play. He did really well and I was amazed that it kept his attention for the whole 90 minutes!

Millie attended a Teddy Bears Picnic, it was super cute! She participated in activities, gave a teddy bear some lunch before eating hers and finally she got to meet Rupert the Bear! She was star struck but still managed to pluck up the courage to show Rupert her baby Panda teddies!

Swimming was a massive part of our trip. The subtropical Swimming Paradise as its known, is the kind of pool that you can stay in all day! There is so much to do, and since our last family visit the childrens pool has had a complete revamp. Both Children loved it! They had flumes, water cannons, buckets of water tipping on people at random and a small really warm pool for the really little ones! It was in here that Millie gained her confidence, by the end of the week she was going down the flumes by herself and she didn't mind the water on her face! Fun was also had in the lazy river, the jacuzzi, the cave pool and even the cold plunge pool! We even had lunch by the pool one day, Snow Cones (Hawaiian Ice) and Sweet Potato fries, the children thought it was hilarious that we ate lunch in our swim costumes!

The highlight of the whole trip for Chester has to be Cyclone! He was only just tall enough to go on this, its a fairly new water ride and oh my gosh is it scary! You basically get into a 4 person round dingy, get told to hold on tight and get pushed down a flume which in the middle has a massive hole that you fall through! It is pretty hair raising and certainly takes your breath away! Craig didn't like it! I have been on it before and enjoyed it, but this time with Chester in the dingy too it was a bit too much for my heart to take! But Chester absolutely loved it! He is a real thrill seeker so according to him it was 'awesome'!

The highlight for Millie has to be the Disco! She absolutely loves to dance, she really enjoyed it, made some friends and even won a certificate for best dancer! It totally made her evening!

On our last day we hired a soft tennis court, and I wish we had done it earlier in the week! Chester absolutely loved it! We would of done it a few more times if I had known he would take to it so easily! We all had a great time!

We were sad to leave, since coming home Chester has been busy working on a strategy for living at Center Parcs for 6 months of the year, of course this includes not being at School for all of those 6 months so I doubt very much he is going to pull it off!

Loads of firsts for both of the Children happened over the week, which was great to see, but more importantly the time we spent having fun together as a family was just the best! I couldn't of asked for a better week. So a massive thankyou to everyone that contributed to my 30th Birthday treat!

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