Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A new range of Wooden Toys by George Home at Asda!

We really love wooden toys here, Millie has got lots of play food for her kitchen and the pieces she plays with the most are wooden. Both of my children have got fantastic imaginations, and I think this is why I love wooden toys so much. They give them more of an opportunity to create their own games.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when I heard that George Home at Asda have released a new wooden toy range! 

Chester and Millie were sent the 2 in 1 wooden play shop & Cafe, along with the Wooden Cake Stand and Wooden Toy Cash Register to review.

When the play shop & Cafe arrived I needed to put it together, which I expected. It came with easy to follow instructions and took me just over an hour to do. I probably could of done it in a shorter time but I wanted to get it right, so took my time. Something I picked up on whilst building was the really good quality of the materials. It has clearly been built to last. I also loved the fact that it came with casters, which made it quick and easy to convert between a shop and a cafe, and great for when I am vacuuming!

Both the Cake Stand and the Cash Register were sent pre made, so it was just a case of unboxing and unwrapping the packaging.

Needless to say both Children have loved playing with all three items. They have really used their imaginations to create different scenarios and situations. My favourite one so far was when Chester was the shopkeeper and he asked Millie for her address for delivery. Her reply involved handing Chester the dress that she was wearing! 

The Play Shop & Cafe has got some opportunities to write with chalk, Both sides of the shop sign above the shop/cafe, on the front of the Shop and then it has a specials board which hangs on the side of the unit and can be removed and placed somewhere else. My only grip with this great idea, is that it actually came with no chalk! It would of been nice to have seen maybe 2 or 3 coloured chalk sticks included. 

Chester is in Year 1 at School so Maths is a key part of his learning. His teacher has said that counting money can be one of the best ways to help them with their maths. So the Cash Register has been a great learning tool for Chester, who is very particular that you are given the right change! Millie just tells us that everything is '£1 please' and still gives us change from 50p! It comes with plenty of paper notes and wooden coins. The wooden coins only print their denomination on one side though and this confused Chester at times when he could not see an actual number. 

The cake stand is absolutely delightful, I have to admit I may even get more enjoyment out of this one than the kids! It is a lovely, well made stand that comes with 8 wooden treats. A selection of slices of cake, cookies and cupcakes. Millie and I have had many an Afternoon Tea over the last couple of weeks! Millie's favourite is clearly the pink cupcake, which she spent many an hour forcing me to 'eat'! 

I can honestly see these toys being well used for years to come in our house. I also think that they are strong and robust enough to withstand all of that playing! They are well build and in my opinion great value for Money. The Shop/Cafe is £35, the Cake Stand is £12 and the Cash Register is £10. All of the items can be found online here and you will also find a selection in store. I already have my eye on the Wooden Pram for Millie, which I saw in our local Asda last week! 

Do you prefer Wooden toys like me? I would love to know your thoughts. 

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