Sunday, 14 September 2014

Two dramas in one day for Millie!

Millie is not one to do things by halves. So she had two big dramas in the same day last Wednesday!

She had been looking forward to starting Ballet for ages, and last Wednesday that day had finally come. One of my friends found out about it and put both Millie's name down and her daughters. It was nice for Millie to do something with a friend, especially as she does not yet go to Nursery.

We were both quite nervous for them, but we needn't of been, they both walled in sat on their seats and waited to be told what to do. We were told to wait outside, which we were both sad about since it was their first lesson. However, looking back I think it was the best decision for them as we were not distracting them. But I am sad that I didn't get to see it for myself. I will admit that I had a sneaky peek through the keyhole though!

It was a great first lesson, both girls came out full of smiles and really enjoyed the lesson. Needless to say we have signed them up and the next step is to purchase the uniform. Cute!

So that was one drama in a sense. The next one was not so nice....

After Ballet we had to pop into Asda. Whilst I was browsing the frozen aisle Chester and Millie asked to look at the Birthday cakes. I was happy with that as they were on the opposite aisle. They were both in full view of me. I called them back over and somehow they collided. Chester, being older, was fine. But Millie rebounded off of him and into a soft drinks stand, then hit her head on the floor.

The screams were horrific. I scooped her up and looked at the back of her head for a bump. I couldn't find one, but cradled her my arms to try and comfort her. A minute or so later I noticed blood on my t shirt, when I looked down, I saw a massive lump on Millie's forehead with a cut on it.

I panicked then, running towards the till shouting that we needed a first aider. A lovely lady sat Millie and I on a chair and called for a first aider. I just burst into tears. It was awful.

Luckily, we managed to calm Millie down shortly after this. The first aider was fantastic with Millie. Cleaned her wound up and then got some ice onto it. Millie wasn't too happy about this, but she reassured her the whole time. Eventually the lump started to go down and the blood stopped. The manager, who had been with us with the first aider had taken pictures and written down all the detail. He was also great with Millie, and with me.

We had to abandon our shopping and head to Minor Injuries. Luckily by the time we had been seen, Millie had calmed down loads and had been happily playing with the toys in the waiting area. The lump had gone down some more and although the cut was deep it had started to heal itself. So Millie was checked over and sent home with a head injury leaflet.

A few days on and looking back I should have asked for stitches as its quite wide and going to be a big scar. Not great for a pretty Princess like Millie!

A massive thank you to the staff in Asda for their help, first aid and kindness. It was a horrible experience but made easier to deal with thanks to them.

So as I said, what a day of up and downs! Only Millie!

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