Tuesday, 2 September 2014

SNUGRUGS Ladies Moccasin Slippers review

Slippers, for me, are an all year essential. We have wooden flooring in our front room, and laminate for the rest of the downstairs in our house. As its a modern house, we also have no floorboards, the concrete together with the wooden flooring makes for a very cold experience for our tootsies!

I was recently sent these Pink Moccasin slippers from SNUGRUGS. They are an online company, primarily selling home and living ranges, but their range of clothes and footwear are continually expanding. They are based in Ashford, so not far from me, I am all for supporting local businesses, so was intrigued to find out more and see what they have to offer.

I was pleasantly surprised with the variety on offer, and more importantly for me, the price of the products! Some doormats have particularly caught my eye!

So, back to my Moccasins review! I have to admit, this style of slipper is not what I would usually go for. That is purely for the look of them. But having said that, I do like that these ones are pink and that they are fabric lined. My feet get hot very quickly, and having worn these slippers for a few weeks, I can confirm that my feet have not been as hot as I would expect.

I love the fact that the Moccasins are hard soled, this means that, for me, they are very practical. I can hang out the washing, or put out the rubbish, and not have to worry about changing into my shoes! As you can see from the right hand picture above I have been doing those things in these slippers for the last few weeks!

I find it hard to find any kind of comfy shoes or slippers, because I have wide feet. Although I did have to 'wear them in' after a few wears, these slippers were very roomy and comfy. I am pleased that I got to try them, as like I say, its not a style I would go for. But after wearing them for a while, I am more than happy with them. I am someone who agrees with comfort over style when it comes to my feet!

They caught the eye of my Sister in Law, so I let her try them too! She couldn't believe how comfortable they are, especially as they are hard soled. She expected them to feel more like shoes, but told me that they were surprisingly comfortable, but still felt very supportive. In fact, she was reluctant to give them back!

Cost wise, I was expecting them to be quite costly, after all, they are good quality slippers, and I can see them lasting a long time. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that they are actually only £15.99 with free delivery! Excellent value for money!

So, how about you, are you a year round slipper wearer like me?

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