Monday, 8 September 2014

PicStick photo magnet review

I was only saying to Craig the other week, wouldn't it be nice if we could have some magnets of my photos on the fridge. Then low and behold I get a email about PicStick a company that do exactly that, put your pictures onto magnets, a sheet of 9 photo magnets to be precise!

Now I don't know about you, but a lot of important things are stuck to our fridge. The childrens latest drawings, School timetables, phonics reminders for Chester, party invitations, and even a $1 bill to remind me of our wonderful trip to Walt Disney World! So magnets are pretty important too!

If you follow my blog, or even just my instagram, you will see how much I love to take pictures. They are my way of preserving memories. I will be able to look back on them when I am old and smile at the adventures we had!

The PicStick website is really easy to use, I was able to order my magnets via my ipad, by pulling pictures from my camera roll and my facebook. The hard part was choosing which 9 pictures to use! I have so many great memories, but I think the 9 I chose are the ones that make me smile the most at the moment. Of course, most of them are from last years Walt Disney World holiday!

After I had adjusted the pictures, and checked they were all ok I placed my order. It turned up 2 days later! I could not believe it, with free delivery you do not expect them to turn up so quickly do you?!

The magnets are a really lovely size, I can see all of the pictures clearly, and they do their job! So from me it is a big thumbs up, a fantastic idea. It has given me an idea for Birthday and Christmas presents. You get 9 magnets so to me that either means a stocking filler sorted for 9 people OR 3 people have got a lovely trio of photo memory magnets! So many possibilities!

The PicStick photo magnets are £9.50 and as I mentioned, they ship worldwide for FREE!! I think thats a great price, making it a very affordable way to personalise your fridge and make people smile.

If you like the idea of these magnets, I have got an offer that just makes them even better... a code for 25% off!

Simply type in PINKBLUE25 at the PicStick checkout and it will take off 25% for you!

So, what is stuck to the front of your fridge?!

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