Friday, 5 September 2014

One first each for the children...

As you will know, if you read my 30th Birthday post, we will be enjoying a holiday at Center Parcs Elveden very soon. Chester already has a bike, he still has stabilisers on his bike and shows little interest in it, preferring to run around. We are planning to take his bike with us, in the hope that the no cars and forest surroundings will encourage him to be a confident rider. Over the last couple of weeks, our thoughts have turned to Millie, she is 2 and 3/4 and is yet to ride a bike. We would love for her to be able to ride a bike at Center Parcs too, so at the weekend, we managed to find her a second hand bike. Craig cleaned it up, and we have ordered her a bell, a basket and some new pink handle bars.

Wednesday was Chester's last day of Summer Holiday's. It also happened to be Craig's day off. So as the weather was nice we decided a trip to the park was a good idea. Millie was yet to find out about her bike, so just before she got in the car, I showed her the bike. She was made up! She couldn't stop saying 'thank you so much', it was so sweet!

When we got to the park, Chester was more than happy to ride his bike, all in the name of teaching Millie of course! Millie tried her hardest, but like most learner riders she was a pro at making the pedals go backwards and not so much making them go forwards! Nether the less she really enjoyed her time on the bike, and has asked to go on it again! So we will keep persevering!

Chester's confidence on his bike was amazing, the best its ever been! I suspect this is because Millie now has a bike and his competitive side is telling him he needs to be better at it than Millie! He bravely told us he would like to try without his stabilizers, so we told him that we would bring a spanner to the park next time so he can give it a go!

We then spent some time in the play area, where Chester, for the first time, gained enough confidence to give the monkey bars a go. He did it! After getting over initial nerves and realising it was actually quite easy, we couldn't get him away from them! It was great to see him overcome something we have been encouraging him to do each time he has visited the park! He was so proud of himself!

So a first for Millie, riding a bike for the very first time, she made a great start and we will have lots of fun practising before the Center Parcs trip. Then a first for Chester, swinging on the monkey bars! He overcome a big fear (for him) and I am super proud of him!

Did your children have any firsts this summer?

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