Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My perfect sailing destination

Recently, I came across LOOK’s ‘What Floats Your Boat Campaign’. Having read their article about the ‘World’s most exotic sailing locations’, I can't help but think they have missed a place off their list. Whilst there really are some lovely sailing locations listed on there (you can view it for yourself here) when I think of exotic sailing locations I immediately think of Funchal in Madeira. 

Funchal is a truly beautiful place, which I have been lucky enough to visit 3 times. It has been a port of call when I have been aboard cruise ships. Each time when we have been docking in, it has taken my breath away. With its all year round Summer climate and beautiful flora and fauna, it really is a place you have to see to appreciate just how beautiful it is. 

When we have visited in the past, we have enjoyed sitting outside one of the many restaurants along the harbour and simply taking in the stunning scenery. Its the kind of place I would call a 'time waster' as in you could sit for hours enjoying everything thats going on around you!

One of the 'attractions' we made the most of during one visit, was the wicker basket ride! You literally start at the top of the hill and ride to the bottom in a wicker basket! Its hair raising to say the least, but the views and the experience is just amazing, something I will never forget! Craig and I look so young in this picture, it was clearly before children! 

Strolling and exploring the cobbled streets is something I will never tire of, it really is a place of beauty. Wherever you look there's something of interest to look at. Be it an old small Church or a beautiful garden full of vibrant flowers, there is always something that makes me go 'wow'.

Something amazing you can do in Funchal is whale and dolphin watching. We have never been lucky enough to see any but apparently lots of others have. What a perfect excuse to get sailing! Whiling away the time enjoying the scenery and whale and dolphin watching from your boat! 

If all of the above wasn't enough to tempt you, there is something else that tops everything that I have seen on all of my visits, and that is the New Years Eve fireworks display. They certainly know how to throw a party! With such a beautiful backdrop its perfect setting. They have fireworks going off from all over the mountains, I really have seen nothing like it, they top any fireworks I have ever seen. Watching them from a boat really is the perfect way to see in the New Year!

So what do you think? Is this the perfect sailing destination? Or have you been somewhere that you think can top it? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

This post was written in collaboration with LOOK, all words and photos are my own.

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