Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Moonpig summer flowers, brightening up my day!

Last week I received this lovely Bouquet of Flowers from Moonpig.

It is very rare that I receive flowers, and it reminded me how nice it felt to receive flowers. It really did brighten up my day! Craig has only ever had flowers sent to me once and that was on my Birthday the first year we started dating. Don't get me wrong, I am not moaning that he doesn't send them often, our life has changed now, and I am just appreciative of when he helps with the hoovering nowadays! It made me think that if it made me feel great then perhaps I should start considering Flowers as gifts for family and friends!

The British Happy Days Bouquet that I received is really bright and colourful. It reminds me of a lovely summer day, which this year, lets face it, have been in short supply!

They were well packaged and even came with a full size card, which was a lovely touch.

The bouquet included
3 x British Sunflowers,
2 x Blue British Limonium
2 x Red British Stocks
2 x Pink British Stocks
1 x Bunch Mixed British Aster
6 x Mixed British Alstroemeria

WOW that is a lot of flowers! In fact there was so many that I split them across 2 vases! I am sure you will agree that my flower arranging skills need some considerable improvements! Some of the flowers arrived with unopened buds, and that was great, because just over a week later and nearly all of the bouquet is still going strong! They have really brightened up my kitchen and my front room, I love them!

A week later and still going strong...

This particular bouquet is £25 and you have the option to pay £3 more to have 25% more stems too. I can not stress enough at how big this bouquet was, it is totally worth its money. All the flowers from Moonpig also come with free next day delivery (if you order by 2pm Mon-Thurs) making it even more value for money.

I have always used Moonpig to purchase my personalised cards, but it now seems to be the perfect one stop shop for cards and gifts. Great for men, who, from experience, usually leave everything until the last minute!

Moonpig have got some beautiful bouquets at the moment starting from £25, I seriously recommend you pop over and take a look for yourselves!

So, how about you, do you love receiving flowers?

*I was sent the British Happy Days Bouquet in return for my honest review.

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