Saturday, 20 September 2014

I now declare Saturdays Pancake day!

Yes, thats right. I am declaring Saturdays as Pancake day! Well in our house at least!

Craig aside, as he has to work, Saturday's are a day where we do not have to rush. We don't have a set time to get out of bed.

Since Chester started back at School after the summer holidays and now in Year 1, by the end of the week, he is exhausted. So I try to make Saturday's as least hectic as possible, but I also wanted it to be a day to look forward too!

So I came up with the idea that Saturday's should be Pancake day! Both of the children love pancakes, they love choosing toppings and get very excited about their creations!

So for the last two Saturdays we have not rushed to get out of bed, we have made pancakes in our PJ's and then sat around the table and had lots of fun and giggles eating them! This week we even added ice cream to the toppings list! 

Its been a great success, so I am going to carry it on.

Do you have a day like this? I would love to hear all about them!

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