Monday, 8 September 2014

Gone Fishing...

At the weekend, the children (and I) experienced yet another first, and yet again Craig missed out because he was working! I hate that he has to work the weekend.

As you know, my Sister and Brother in law are now back from their travels, so they do try and spend as much time as they can with the Children. On Saturday they took us Fishing! Something we had never done before, and if I am honest, something that hadn't interested me at all.

Chester and Millie were super excited, Chester was excited about catching a fish, and Millie was excited about seeing Auntie Sarah!

They decided to take us to Chiddingstone Castle, as it was big enough to fish and for the children to run around if they got bored. We packed a picnic and off we went!

Chester loved his Uncle Luke showing him how to set the line up and what to do when they caught a fish.

They both loved throwing in some bate!

Millie loved being in her own little world!

It took a little while for them to catch a fish, but this is what happened when they did....

It was a really sweet moment, I am so glad my Sister caught it on film.

Both Children were reluctant to touch the fish, but by the time they caught the second one, they grew a bit more confident and gave it a wave, said hello, and then gave it a stroke!

It was a really fantastic day, before we knew it we had spent hours fishing!

We surprised the Children on the way home with a surprise stop to see Charlie Bear, the Labrador my parents looked after for a couple of years whilst its owner was working aboard. Chester was made up, he really loves Charlie and has known him since he was baby, so has a special bond with him. Millie barely knows him, but she loves dogs so was besotted with him!

Finally we stopped for a bite to eat at Harvester, a lovely end to a lovely day!

What did you get up to this weekend?!

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