Monday, 15 September 2014

Chester's Year 1 journey has begun!

Last week was Chester's first full week in Year 1.

I still can't believe how quickly the time is going, but then I seem to say that at every milestone!

He seems to of loved his transition into this School year. He is so far loving that they are allowed on the big climbing frame at play times and that they get to play football in the field at lunch times. Typical boy!

But classroom wise, I think it has taken him the week to realise that its going to be a lot different to Reception. He has told me every day after School that he has done 'sooo much work' but he always comes out happy, so thats a good thing!

This weekend he had been set homework tasks, this is a new routine we are going to have to get used to. As every week he will be set various homework tasks that have deadlines, which I have to say are actually pretty lenient. I thought it would be homework set on Friday then back in on Monday. But although they get it set on Friday they do get until midweek to complete. I am happy with that, but will try as much as I can to sit with him at the weekend to do it as I do think that is the best time.

This week he had a Maths worksheet to complete. Chester loves Maths, but because I mentioned homework he miraculously turned into Kevin the Teenager and decided he hated it and it was the worst thing ever! In my head I did sympathise with him because I hated homework when I was at School. Much like Chester I just wanted to get out and play!

He reluctantly completed the homework, he knew all of the answers and I was very pleased with how quickly he knew them. My only concern is that he has written some of the numbers backwards, which he did last year too. I think it may be because he is left handed. So its something I will try and do extra with him at home.

The other bit of homework for this week was to write and draw something that he has done. This will become a weekly thing and will be a bit like a diary. As you know, Chester is not a great fan of writing, but I am determined this will change soon! I am pleased with what he managed to do this week though....

Anyone else had to do the homework thing this weekend? How did it go?!

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