Sunday, 7 September 2014

Barbie colour change glam bag - Review

For the first time ever, state-of-the-art colour-change technology will light up the UK as the world’s greatest fashion icon, Barbie™, unveils the hottest accessory this autumn.  

The Barbie Colour changing glam bag changes colour to match any outfit, simply hold the bag against any item of clothing and press the button to match over 100 different shades. The bag comes with lots of fab, clip-on Barbie accessories, so that it can be personalised to suit any style statement. There is even a mini matching bag for Barbie herself.  A perfect accessory for little girls aged 3-7 years.

Oh my gosh! When I heard about this I knew it would be on Millie's Christmas list! She is the girliest girl I know! 

On the exterior its a good size, it it easy to hold and comes with accessories to glam the front of the bag up a bit. It also comes with a mini basic plastic version of the bag for barbie. Millie was made up about this, she loved that her barbie had the same bag as her! The accessories are a nice touch, Millie loves them, she can often be found sat on the floor reorganising them. However, I take them off of the bag when we are heading out, as they seem to come loose quite quickly and I would hate for her to lose any. 

Inside, the bag is basically good for nothing! Due to the size of the battery pack you can not fit anything in it, well you may possibly fit in a hair scrunchie! 

As a parent I found this really frustrating, I mean doesn't that really defeat the point of a bag, if you can't fit anything inside it, not even a small purse?! I then decided to step back and observe what Millie thought about this. She does not seem concerned at all about it, her main concerns are; does the colour it has change to match her outfit (more on that in a minute) and is she holding it correctly on her arm! So really if she is happy, I should be happy, right?

Of course, the main purpose of this particular bag is to match any outfit. What is totally awesome is that it has got over 100 different colours. Its really easy to get the bag to change colour to match your outfit. You simply place the bag on your clothes and press the big button in the middle of the bag. You will see the white portion of the bag slowly change colour to match the colour you have pressed it against. It was really easy to do, even for a nearly 3 year old. Millie of course almost always wears pink, so her bag is almost always pink! When we have been out and about, if she likes a colour of something she will often place her bag against it to get her bag to light up in that particular colour. She has discovered that she really likes the colour Peach!

My only concern was that she is not 3 until January, so would she 'get it'. But after testing it for weeks, Millie has really put it through its paces and I can confirm that I needn't have worried. It is robust, Millie being a typical (almost) 3 year old she has dropped the Glam Bag on the odd occasion and it does not seem to of affected it. I think that its the perfect gift for any 3 year old/soon to be 3 year old! Having said that I agree with its suggested age range of 3-7 and can see Millie getting many years of enjoyment out of it. Millie and her Barbie glam bag have turned a lot of heads when we have been out and about, and we have had some really lovely comments. 

Retailing at £29.99, the Barbie & Me Colour Change Glam Bag will be available from all good UK retailers, including Amazon and Hamleys who will be listing it in their Top 10 Toys for Christmas. This fun and innovative interactive toy will make a great present for little fashionistas everywhere, so grab the glamour, clutch the colour and become the envy of the block.

For more review's on the Barbie colour change glam bag, watch this video below by who went into Hamleys to ask some Children what their thoughts were...

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