Friday, 15 August 2014

Summer Holidays weeks 2 and 3!

So we are now nearing the end of week 3. I have to say it seems like ages ago I wrote this post about our Summer Holiday plans.

I have stuck to my decision to have a relaxing and unscheduled summer holidays, and so far, apart from a couple of blips, it has worked out well.

In Week 2 we had an impromptu trip down to Herne Bay, it was a fantastic, unplanned, evening out. The children keep asking when we are going back, so no doubt we will be down there again at some point before the end of the holidays! We had a great day out at Bluewater, first at the Cinema to watch Disney Planes 2, which Chester and Millie deemed 'awesome'. Then at the lovely Pizza Express for the best meal out as a family we have had in ages, food was fab and the children behaved themselves! Next up was Chester and Millie's first horse riding lesson, and they absolutely loved it! Thankfully they have not asked for a pony just yet but I fear its only a matter of time! We finished the week off with a trip to the park two days in a row to meet with Chester's School friends! Was great to catch up with the Mummies and for Chester (and Millie) to play with friends and burn off energy in the park, not forgetting swapping their world cup stickers! So actually week 2 was a lot more action packed than I would of liked, but nether the less it was great, the children had fun, and thats all that matters.

Week 3 has been more chilled out, as I think the busy week really took its toll on the Children. Not only are they tired, but they are grumpy and starting to become naughty. I think these things go hand in hand to be honest. So I have tried to keep everything to a minimum. We started week 3 with another trip to the seaside! This time Sheerness, we took a picnic and the children paddled in the sea. That was until I realised there were Jellyfish in the sea and quickly got out! We caught a Jellyfish in our bucket and the children were fascinated. I have only ever seen Jellyfish in aquariums or abroad so was it was interesting for me too. Chester of course questioned why the Jellyfish was not pink, anyone who has watched Finding Nemo will know why he asked that. We made our own pizza which the children loved. We had a day of shopping at Ashford Outlet. Then we had a couple of days of staying in and watching movies. Including the Lego Movie, which prompted some Lego building fun! Lastly, we have been too Chatham Dockyard. Its a favourite of ours, so much to see and do. Plus your ticket gets you in all year so we can enjoy the different exhibitions and holiday activities all year round. This visit was the commemoration of WW1 exhibition, Chester drew a picture for the memory board, its a submarine, a German soldier and an English Soldier. So he had taken on board what he had seen that day!

So we are now entering week 4 and it is going by quicker than I thought it would, lots to still look forward to including our holiday! As I mentioned before, blogging has slowed right down in the Summer so I can enjoy spending time with both of the children. But if you are on instagram you can follow me on there, where I will  be posting pictures of our Summer adventures daily!

How have your Summer Holidays been so far?

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