Sunday, 3 August 2014

JD Williams - Classic or Contemporary style?

We all know that fashion goes round in full circles, it reinvents itself and creates new trends. For example the Polka Dot dresses of the 30s and even the Jumpsuits of the 70's are 'back in' at the moment. Personally the Jumpsuits are not my style, but some people can totally pull off that look. One thing's for sure though, no one wants to see the Shell Suits of the 90's come back in do they?!

As a parent I am always looking for practicality in everything I purchase. This also applies to clothing. I am very conscious of how I look, so I always try to go for something flattering and not too fitted. I like the 40's style of knee length dresses which are fitted at the waist and a little flowing from below the waist. When you have two young children to run around after, this kind of dress is perfect. Its not too short, and its easy to maneuver around in! JD Williams, the online ladies clothing company that cater for sizes 12-32, kindly sent me a lovely outfit to try out.

This Embellished Dress in the exact style that I like....

What do you think?

For me, it was very comfortable and fitted really well. I loved the embellished shoulder detail, and the materiel felt lovely. Its 41 inches long so sits below the knee, my only complaint would be that it is hand wash only. In the grand scheme of things that is not a big issue, and at only £30 I think this dress is a real bargain.

I dressed it up with these Sole Diva Diamante Sandals, as the description goes they are 'Glam and feminine with a hint of vintage'. I would totally agree with that, a perfect addition to my dress, and with the heals only being 2 and half inches and going up to a EEE width, they are perfect for a busy Mummy like me! The Shoes are slightly more expensive than the dress at £40, however, I do believe especially with footwear that you get what you pay for. I have worn these shoes a few times over the last 3 weeks, they are really comfy and very good quality.

I think I have managed to keep the classic style with this outfit, its perfect for evenings out, whether that be a night with the girls, or a trip to the theatre. I really love the style, but I also think it could be turned into a contemporary daytime outfit. With some leggings or similar and a pair of flat sandals, it would be perfect for a shopping trip or a lunch date!

I love the versatility of the outfit. How about you? Do you prefer a Classic style or do you go for something a little more Contemporary?

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