Tuesday, 5 August 2014

An impromptu trip to Herne Bay!

Last week, I told you our Summer Holiday plans. Basically our plan is to have very little plans! We have, so far, had a great time by going with the flow and not sticking to a schedule!

On Saturday, when Craig go home from work, we decided it would be nice to have an evening at the seaside! Rather than our usual 15 minute drive to our nearest beach. We decided to drive the half hour to Herne Bay. We hadn't been down there this year, so fancied a change. 

To our surprise, when we arrived, we discovered that the pier had undergone a transformation. It used to house a big building, I think it was a gym. But that has been taken down, and it is now back to being a traditional pier! There were a couple of fair ground rides and stalls. Chester headed straight for the Helter Skelter, which was only £1 a go or 2 goes for £1.50, so he had 2 goes!

They each won a cuddly toy on the hook a duck, Millie has become particularly attached to her dog, which she has named Dave!

Then we headed off of the pier and into the arcades. We changed our £1 coins into 2p's and had lots of fun seeing if we could 'win' some more. With the added bonus that most of the 2p machines also spun a wheel for winning tokens whenever you placed a coin in the slot!

We were all starting to get a bit hungry by then, so strolled down to the Chip Shop, its a must when visiting the seaside isn't it?! Brought our chips and went and sat on the beach.

The Children were happily throwing pebbles into the sea, so Craig snuck off to buy ice creams! Their faces when Craig came back were a picture!

By now it was getting late, so we took a slow stroll back to the car, making time to stop in the newly refurbished play area on the way!

When we got back to the car it was getting dark, the children loved this as it meant they has been able to stay up late! It was a truly wonderful evening out. Sometimes the impromptu plans are the best, aren't they?!

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