Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A crafty afternoon making reward charts!

Its got to that point in the Summer Holidays where my children are becoming over tired, irritable and bored. The come down from our holiday probably hasn't helped, the last couple of days they have really tested our patience. This lead to us making them some reward charts yesterday afternoon.

I had some basic reward charts that I brought in the sale a while back. We used to use the butterfly system, which worked really well for Chester when he was younger. But for now I have decided to use this approach. 

Chester and Millie have a new found love of Dinosaurs, so yesterday I got them a Dinosaur sticker book each, and told them that if they were good, at the end of each week I would buy them a pack of stickers. They were very happy about this, so we set about making the reward charts, I wanted to make them a bit more personal, so I got the children to draw pictures and decorate them as they wished. 

Chester decorated them with dinosaurs, 

and Millie decorated hers with flowers and hearts! 

I have given them 3 goals each day, no tantrums, doing as they are told (meaning when I say don't do something.. stop doing it), and tidying up their toys. So they have 3 chances each day to get a sticker. 

I hope that as the week goes on, realistically going into week two, that they will start to realise that they need to make sure they are achieving these goals if they want the stickers!

Do you use reward charts with your children, do you find them to be successful?  

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