Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Worlds Apart Toddler sleep guide

Millie is 30 months old now, or just over 2 1/2. She has always been good at sleeping through the night, but since moving her from her cot to her bed at around 20 months old she has become a nightmare at bedtimes.

Getting her to sleep is a major problem. She will try every trick in the book to get out of going to bed. Its so frustrating as we know she is tired!

Worlds Apart have made this interesting infographic about toddler sleep.....

Reading this, I am comforted to know that its not just us going through this!

Worlds Apart sent us a Peppa Pig GoGlow to see if that would help.

I have to say that Millie has responded really well to the GoGlow. Its a nightlight AND a torch. When it is in nightlight mode (this happens by putting it onto the rechargeable base) it is quite bright, but dimmer than the main light. Millie has loved seeing Peppa and George glow up for her at bed time. I think it has distracted her and made her think twice about getting out of bed. I wouldn't say that it has made her go to sleep any quicker, and maybe thats my fault as she still has afternoon naps (although these are not in her bed, they are in the car on the way to picking her brother up from School!) but it has made her less likely to stand at her door and call out to us constantly for a couple of hours! She now happily sits on her bed and 'reads' stories to her dollies and teddies, which is super cute to hear over the monitor!

Do you have a problem with your toddlers sleep too? If so this Toddler Sleep Guide by Mandy Gurney will make for an interesting read. It has certainly given me some ideas!

Ready for Bed? - Worlds Apart

Let me know how you get on!

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