Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Why Manchester is the place to be this Summer.

I have always loved visiting places in the UK. Weekends away in this country can be very fun and interesting. I think that there is so much history in the country and sometimes we can miss what is sitting on our own doorstep!

I have always lived in Kent, which has the nickname 'Garden of England' it really is a stunning place, with lots of exploring to be done. But I think its nice to be reminded that there is a lot more exploring to be done outside of the comfort of the beautiful County I know and love!

I am a curious person, and there are plenty of areas in the UK that I still long to explore and learn about. Manchester is one of them. I went to Manchester when I was 18. Well I say I went to Manchester, I went to Old Trafford to watch a football match! So all I remember of Manchester was a stadium and then lots and lots of Motorway driving!

I have a couple of Friends who live in Manchester and there clearly is a lot more to see and do than I thought! Its the kind of place where I think a long weekend would be a start, but a week would be even better! I have  been looking into accommodation on Hotel Direct and it has given me an idea.... Wouldn't it be great to be a bit flexible and not stick to just one base? There is so much to do in Manchester that it would be wise to book maybe 2 nights in the City Centre and then another couple of nights further out.

Until recently I was unaware that Manchester has its own 'Wheel'. The Wheel of Manchester. Its in the centre of Manchester and at 196ft you are sure to see across the whole of Manchester! I was shocked at the price, it is only £9 each or for your own private capsule its only £45! Already I can see why Manchester is a great place to visit!

Having friends in Manchester, I get to see lots of lovely pictures of Heaton Park on my social medias! Heaton Park is just 4 miles from Manchester City centre. Its the biggest park in Manchester and the biggest municipal park in Europe! It has a grade 1 listed building (18th century Heaton Hall) a farm, boating lake (with rowing boats), woodlands, 2 playgrounds, an observatory, and even an 18 hole golf course! If that wasn't enough they have events going on throughout the summer! Looks like the perfect picnic day out to me!

Of course, with a Son called Chester we would have to visit Chester Zoo! His name is in no way connected with the place by the way, but that is a story for another day! The Zoo is the number one zoo in the UK and it claims to be one of the worlds top Zoos! . We visited Colchester Zoo recently and that is our absolute favourite Zoo in this country, so I would love to visit Chester Zoo and see how they compare!

Situated a short drive away from Manchester, it makes for a perfect excuse to not stick to one base! If we were to stay in a hotel on the outskirts of Manchester we could certainly include Chester Zoo in our sightseeing!

How about you, have you ever visited Manchester? What would you recommend as a must see or do?

*Big thank you to Jennifer over at My Mummy's Pennies, who let me use her lovely pictures for this post!

*Please note this post is written in collaboration with Hotel Direct, it has been written by me and all thoughts are my own

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