Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What a difference a School year makes!

I have just been reading this letter I wrote to Chester just before he started School last September. There are tears in my eyes! I can't believe my little boy has finished his first year at School!

As I predicted in my letter, Chester has come on so much in this first year. He can now write full sentences, he can read, his Maths is above average, his attention span has improved and although he has had his moments, most of the time he is a good boy. But more importantly his imagination is still just as fantastic! In fact it was written in his report last week about how he has got a great imagination and he uses things that have happened that day/week as a base for his role play.

I could not of wished for a better first year for Chester, he started the School year knowing no one and has come out at the end with a huge bundle of friends. He is happy, he is inquisitive and he has a lot of respect for his teachers.

It amazes me every day that he still has the same enthusiasm that he had on his very first day. But he is ready for the 6 week break now, I think his class and his teachers have earnt it! He is tired and ready to rest and relax (yeah right) before he starts his Year 1 journey in September.

Anyone else's child just finishing their reception year?

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