Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ozeri Elite 3-piece Ceramic Knife set review

Being a busy Mum of two I am in the kitchen a lot, even more so in the summer holidays! I like to cook as many fresh meals as I can so therefore knives are a kitchen essential to me. I use them on a daily basis. So it is imperative that they are of good quality and will withstand use.

I was recently sent a Ozeri Elite 3-piece Ceramic Knife set to review. Having never used ceramic knifes before I was intrigued to see how they would fair.

My first thought when I got them out of the box, was how light they were! My kitchen knifes are all relatively heavy, so this was hard for me to get used to at first, but it was a welcome change!

The knives are easy to use, they slice through most things without any real pressure. I have been using them every day over the last few weeks, cutting a range of foods from malt loaf, onions, apples and potatoes, to uncooked Steak and Chicken. With the blades being ceramic each blade is close in hardness to diamonds and preserves its razor-sharpness 10 times longer than traditional steel blades. I was dubious about this at first, but after using the knifes every day for a few weeks I can confirm that I have not had to sharpen them once! They are still just as sharp as the day I got them!

Because they are Ceramic it also means that they do not corrode or rust. So this means that they should be long lasting.

The Ozeri Elite 3-piece Ceramic Knife set is currently on offer on Amazon for £49.99. For 3 good quality knives that is an amazing price. I can see them lasting for many years. Having never used Ceramic Knives before I can honestly say that I am very impressed, they have cut down my prep time so much, they are certainly the way forward! The only 'extra' I would like to see is the option to have a knife block included too.

Who does all the cooking in your house? Do you class it as a chore or a way of getting a bit of me time (I see it as the latter).

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