Thursday, 31 July 2014

Our Summer Holiday plans!

So, we are a week into the Summer Holidays and so far we have survived!

I have decided this year to chill a bit with my plans. Rather than write a long list and frantically try to finish it, even when the children are over tired and not playing ball. I will try a different approach. I am going to go week by week, and rather than putting set activities on set days I am going to decide on a handful of things and go with the flow. If we get to do them, great, if not then there is always next week!

I realise that as an obsessive planner and list maker this is a huge step for me, but I think it will help us have an awesome Summer!

The first week has gone pretty well. We had set plans on the first day, Our day trip to Butlins. I knew that the children would be tired after that so apart from Millie's 2 and half year check we had no other plans for the Friday. This worked really well because a day at home was just what was needed. No getting up early, just chilling until we were ready to go out. Saturday we went to my cousins engagement BBQ and then to the park with my Sister. Sunday Craig's parents came over for the day. Monday we had a day at home playing Princesses and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, watching Disney movies and painting the Clay dragons that the children made at Art in the Park a couple of weeks ago. Tuesday we were invited to a friends house along with some of Millie's friends to go in her giant paddling pool, we had a great afternoon, finished off with some magic painting and both children were so tired out they went to bed with no arguments! Wow! Wednesday was another set plan day as we went up to London to learn all about Tesco's Go Craft range.

The week has gone really quickly, we have had barely any boredom tantrums and most importantly we have had lots of fun! We didn't have time to make some pretzels or pizzas, but thats ok I will keep those activities in mind for this week instead!

I am thinking that I will try and do at least one day out a week. That could be any kind of day out, a picnic to the park, the farm or even a trip to the cinema. I want the kiddies to have maximum fun, but at the same time I don't want to break the bank. So I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. For instance Cineworld have got movies for juniors on weekday mornings in the holiday's, its only £1.50 a ticket! We are also lucky enough to have some beaches within half an hour from our house. So day's spent on the beach with chips for tea is a must! I have got lots of Arts and Crafts ideas (thank you Pinterest) for rainy day's too). Not to mention lots of dips in our paddling pool!

We have got a week away planned too, down in Dorset for a week of fun. Craig has managed to get the week off to come with us this time, so the kiddies are super excited about that!

You will notice a drop in blog posts during the Summer, because I want to spend as much time with my family as possible. Its lovely to have Chester at home during the days, Millie really loves having her brother at home to play with. I will be updating my blog as and when I can, sometimes its great to have a break and I think Summer is the perfect opportunity for that!

No doubt I will be posting pictures daily over on Instagram, so if you would like to follow our fun and laid back summer then please pop over and follow me.

Do you have any plans for the summer, or will you just go with the flow?

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