Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Little Big Songs - Album review

Children love songs with stories they can connect with and tunes they can sing along to.
But after The Wheels on the Bus, what then? There’s not as much singable, relevant material around as you might think – which is why Jerry O’Regan, a musician and writer from Edinburgh, has created a CD of original, sing-along songs telling real-life stories from a young child’s point of view.

Called Little Big Songs, the CD includes songs about who’s who in the family, the foods we eat, moving house and telling the time, and celebrates simple pleasures like watching a ladybird and making a wish. These are all real, everyday experiences which a young child can immediately relate to. 

Chester and Millie are very musical. They love a good song and a dance, so I was really pleased to have been asked if we would like to review this CD. 

In my eyes, Jerry O'Regan is right. Children love songs with stories. Millie is forever singing Nursery Rhymes. Chester, at 5, is a little past this stage, so I thought that he especially would enjoy this CD. 

Sadly I was wrong. In fact it was quite the opposite! Millie loved it and Chester was not overly impressed. 

As I well know, you can't please everyone all of the time. 

Little Big Songs has 11 songs, which is just over half an hour long. It comes with a handy lyric booklet, which I loved. A nice touch, often you listen to a song and find yourself making up the words you can't quite hear! Or maybe that's just me?! 

Millie really loves catchy, upbeat tunes. So her favourites were Scrub-a-Dub, What's the Time Mr.Wolf and They're Digging Up the Road Again. I even giggled at They're Digging Up the Road Again, as the route to Chester's School has been littered with road works ever since he started last September! 

Chester even admitted that he liked that song. I think Chester decided this CD was not for him once he listened to Ooh, That's Lovely Grub. It talks about Breakfast, Dinner and Tea. Chester was confused over this,  he couldn't work out why you wouldn't have any Lunch, yet you would have Dinner AND tea (to him they are one of the same.) He is a very deep thinker and I think the whole idea just threw him! He got stroppy when I tried to explain and didn't want to know after that! 

I really like this CD. It's so refreshing to have music aimed at a Children about everyday things. Rather than listening to the radio and not knowing what offensive song is coming up next! Another great feature is that there are four delightful song videos to enjoy free from the website, www.jerrycomusic.com . They have really lovely illustrations, I think they are a lovely touch.

Little big songs RRP is £8.50, a reasonable price I feel. 

Do your little ones love a sing song? 

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