Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Jacamo - fashion for men!

Its not often that Craig gets mentioned on my blog. Yes I can hear your sighs of sympathy! But the truth is he works very hard so often misses out on the things I do with the children.

Because he works so hard, he almost always misses out on choosing what clothes he buys himself too. That is my job!

But one thing I draw the line at, mainly because I don't know how to do it myself, is tying up his Tie! For everyone who is unsure on how to tie up a Tie, Jacamo have released this helpful video...

With the summer now in full swing, I think its safe to say that we have hit wedding season! If its not a wedding its a party of some sort. Craig, being an MOT tester/Mechanic is not really a smart dressed kind of guy, his wardrobe is looking a sparse in that department!

Jacamo to the rescue! They kindly let me pick a lovely smart outfit for Craig, so that he can attend the weddings and parties of this summer without having to spend hours walking around the shops finding the perfect outfit!

I found the website to be very easy to navigate, and there is so much to choose from! I was amazed, something for all occasions. Also worth noting that there is something for all sizes too. Chest size goes from a Small right up to a 5XL, leg 27"-36", waist 34"-54" and even footwear up to 15. So whatever your size you can keep up with the fashions of today. They have helpful size charts too, not only for their own branded clothing but also the other brands they stock too. This was a big plus for me, when you are buying online its difficult to be certain that you are buying the correct fit.

After being distracted by the vast amount to choose from, for a few hours, oops. I finally decided on an outfit for Craig. I chose each item because it can easily be paired with other items of clothing to make further outfits. This will be his staple smart outfit.

We went for this Black Label by Jacamo Shirt and Tie set because its Craig's style, he doesn't like anything heavily patterned and I think it compliments his personal style well. At only £25 I think its a bargain, the quality of the material is great.

Next I wanted to choose some trousers, as I had gone for the black on black shirt and tie I wanted to go for lighter trousers. So I decided on these Jacamo 5 pocket trousers in charcoal. I think they are smart and go well with the shirt and tie, the colour is something different to what Craig is used to and even he agrees that they look (and feel) good. These trousers are only £22.50, for smart trousers I think that is a great price!

Lastly, I went for this Black Label by Jacamo slim belt. I think sometimes its good to keep it simple, this belt is exactly that, but it does the job it needs to and I think it looks good. Its a good quality leather belt, priced at £20. Bargain

So altogether (excluding the shoes, which are 'the model's' own) the whole outfit cost £67.50. I cant believe it! I think thats an amazing price, especially as the quality of the items is so good.

As you can see, Craig wanted to test out his modelling poses! What do you think?

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