Thursday, 31 July 2014

Go Create! With Tesco

Yesterday we were invited by Tesco to a quirky cafe in London. Drink Shop Do . I had planned for it to be a Mother and Son day for Chester and I, but Craig ended up having to work so we took Millie along for some arts and crafts fun too!

Tesco have launched a great new range, just in time for the Summer Holidays. Its called Go Create Eco Craft.

Go Create is an innovative arts and crafts range exclusive to Tesco. The trend for up-cycling is more popular than ever, I am sure you will of read on my blog many times before about how much Chester likes to save everything incase we ever need it for arts and crafts. Well his foresight has paid off, because up-cycling is certainly the name of the game with the new Eco Craft range. There are 16 sets to choose from, each set comes with the main materials needed to produce your craft item, instructions and save for me tags to give out to family and friends to help you gather the recycled items you need.

Whilst we were at the event, Chester and Millie (mostly Chester) made the Rocket Bottle Jet Pack set. The recycled materials needed for that set were 2 x 2L plastic bottles, kitchen foil, paint and glue. So for us, all of those items can be found in our home. I would also add sellotape to the list, purely because if your child is impatient like Chester you will need it to get things to stick/dry quicker!

The kits are aimed at children aged 3+ and I would say that age range is correct, Millie is 2.5 and she was easily distracted. Chester on the other hand absolutely loved making the rocket jet pack. He loved that he was able to use materials he would have at home and he loved that the instructions we easy enough for him to follow. He is a very independant 5 year old! I did of course have to help him with some of the tricky parts, but it was a great activity to do together.

The rocket took an 1.5 hours to make, it turned out really well. However, if we were making it at home we would of spent longer on it and it would of looked awesome!

Another plus to these sets are that the children can go on to use their imaginations to play with them. The rocket for instance goes onto the child's back when finished, Chester has been playing space games with it since he got home, there is now talk of strapping a Lego man to the jet pack as well to help with the space mission!

Action shot! 

The sets are just £3.50 each, so a great pocket money craft, and until 6th August they are also 3 for the price of 2! I have made use of this today and ordered the Juice box bird feeder, the fabric conditioner bottle piggy bank and the snack tube robots! All for just £7.00, That should keep us going for a while!

Do your children enjoy junk modeling, what do you think of these new Go Create Eco Craft kits?

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