Friday, 18 July 2014

Chester's first Sports Day!

As you all know, Chester is a really active boy, he doesn't sit still and loves to be running, jumping, bouncing around. All the time. He probably does it in his sleep too!

So he was pretty excited about his first Sports Day at School. Well, that was until he went on a School trip the day before and exhausted himself. He woke up very grumpy and told us he wasn't doing Sports Day. At all!

Luckily, but the time it came round to actually going out on the field he was fine. Phew! I however was very grumpy because I have left my camera on the sofa! Luckily my Sister had her camera with her, but the picture quality is just not the same (as you will see). So annoyed with myself!

Everyone got to do at least 2 races each. Chester's race's were football dribble and the relay race. So it was a long long wait in the hot hot sun until it got round to Chester's races. Luckily the children were under Gazebos. 

It was great watching everyone do the races though. Chester's class were so excited, it was a really fun afternoon for them and they all did really well. 

I love Chester's look of determination in the relay race, he really wanted to do his best for his team! I think next year they should consider him for the sprint, he really did try so hard! 

Chester is fairly new to football training, so the dribbling proved to be a bit hard for him, but again, he gave it his all and all of his team did a fantastic job and won the race! 

Millie then got to take part in a toddler sprint, which was super cute! 

Has your child had their sports day? Do they enjoy it?

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