Saturday, 19 July 2014

A fun day at Art in the Park!

Today, the kiddies and I have had an awesome day. I was recently made aware of an event being held in a local Country Park, Milton Creek. It was called Art in the Park and was suitable for children and free to get in.

It was raining when we got up this morning, but as I am not really a heat kind of girl, I was quite pleased about that. The kiddies popped on their wellington boots and rain coats and off we set.

I didn't really know what to expect, when we arrived I could see lots of marquees and stalls. We happily made our way around them.

We stopped at a stall so that the children could make a bug hotel and a bee hotel. To my surprise it was free! We had a little chat with the owners about what bugs might like to visit the hotel, Chester and Millie were very pleased, when we got home we painted the hotel's and they are now in the Childrens part of the garden!

Next we came across a clay stall, they were offering for the children to make an animal out of clay, again it was free! Chester and Millie saw that the Artist had made a dragon and they wanted to make one too. So with a little help they got creative and made a dragon each. They even got photographed for the local paper! We have now put the Dragons on the windowsill to dry and then we will paint them!

It stopped raining and started to heat up a bit so of course it was a must to stop for a slushie!

We watched a show not too dissimilar to Punch and Judy, which Chester and Millie both loved, then we wandered around looking at all the local art.

We soon came to a bouncy castle, which Chester and Millie happily played on for at least half an hour. Then Millie asked if she could get her face painted, I said yes as she normally doesn't want her face painted. She really really wanted a baby Panda (what a surprise) but the man said he couldn't do a Panda so after much persuasion she agreed on a butterfly!

Chester then got to make a smoothie using a push bike! He was amazed by the whole thing and chose to make a Strawberry and Kiwi smoothie, which was delicious.

By now we had been at Art in the Park for nearly 3 hours! So I agreed that the children could have a quick play in the playground before we headed home for a very late lunch.

We had the most fantastic day. I am so pleased that something so lovely was held so close to home! Well done to everyone that organised the event, it was a brilliant way to spend a Saturday and we will definitly be putting in our diary for next year!

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