Thursday, 5 June 2014

Zoe & Beans - Pirate Treasure.

Hands up who loves Zoe & Beans?! We do!

We received a lovely surprise package the other day. A new Zoe and Beans book, Pirate Treasure. Along with some 'gold coins' to create our own treasure hunt!

Both children were very excited to see the new book. They really do love Zoe and Beans. I can often hear Millie over the monitor at night time 'reading' Zoe & Beans Hello Ladybird to her baby pandas and dollies! Its really cute to listen too, she knows the book off by heart and she is only 2 and a half!

We settled down on the sofa to read our new book. This Zoe & Beans book is set at the beach, we went to the beach a couple of weekends ago so already Chester and Millie were excited.

So as we read the story, we found out that  Zoe, Beans, Oscar and Oscar's baby sister Evie were at the beach. They were planning to build a sandcastle, but before long Evie had found something interesting. It was round and shiny. So they all go in search of some treasure.

They find some really interesting things, but I wont spoil the story for you! You will have to read it yourself to see if they managed to find some treasure!

After we read the story, I hid the 'gold coins' in our garden for the children to find! They loved going on their own little adventure to find some treasure of their own!

Zoe & Beans Pirate Treasure has an RRP of £5.99 (its worth every penny) and is out today 5th June 2014. It is available at all good book retailers.

You can also visit the Zoe & Beans website for more info on their delightful books and lots of fun activities for the children!

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