Thursday, 19 June 2014

World Cup Widow!

The World Cup is well and truly in full swing, so far there have been some pretty unpredictable results! But that is what makes it so exciting!

I am really into football, and have so far looked forward to watching every match I can. So the title of this blog post 'World Cup Widow' may be confusing you!

Who I am actually talking about when I say World Cup Widow is my husband. So perhaps my title should be World Cup Widower?! Craig is not interested in Football in the slightest! He has, so far, spent every day moaning that the football is on the TV! Which I am finding quite funny! Its not your stereotypical scenario in our house, in fact it is the total opposite!

When Chester is asking about the football or certain players, Craig is unable to answer him as he doesn't know the slightest thing about The World Cup matches, teams or players! But I am loving the fact that Chester is asking ME the questions and I can finally have a conversation about football without having to ring my Dad! Millie is only two but she is getting into the spirit too, not quite old enough to stay up to watch the 2 late matches every day but old enough to have fun making these England flags with me!

Whilst the matches have been on, Craig has either been sitting next to us sulking whilst scrolling through his phone. Or he has been out on the weights in his garage. But whatever he chooses to do, not a day goes by without him moaning about the football being on!

I have found this fun Ladbrokes Bingo World Cup Widows card, which has made me really chuckle. I am not a beer drinker, but I have been nodding my head and laughing at lots of the other things, especially the kids are dressed in full replica kits one!

World Cup Widows
How about you, are you a football widow (or widower like Craig) or do you LOVE the football like me?!

*This post is in collaboration with Ladbrokes

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