Saturday, 28 June 2014

The childrens BEST surprise ever!

I have been keeping a secret. For 2 months, I have been keeping the secret that my Sister and her boyfriend were coming back from their travels a month early!

They wanted to surprise a few people, including Chester and Millie. So I had to keep it a secret.

I was so excited, and couldn't wait to see the reactions from the children.

Chester and Millie totally adore their Auntie and Uncle. They ask to FaceTime them all the time, sometimes that has not been possible, there have been weeks where Sarah (my Sister) was simply not contactable. It was hard enough to explain to them, that they simply could not pop round their house for playtime and cuddles, let alone having to explain they could not even speak to them!

During the last few weeks, Chester especially, has been asking to facetime them daily. Thankfully, most of the time that has been possible as the last part of their trip was in America. Chester would just want to speak to them about the most random of things, sometimes it was about what level of Skylanders he had played that day, and other times it was to show them a new trick on the trampoline. He was seriously missing them by the end!

What about me... Well, when my Sister left for her travels, things were a bit tense between us. We didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things. We both have had lots of time to reflect and I think Sarah will agree with me when I say that the break did us both some good. I am looking forward to catching up properly and hearing all about their travels!

So Thursday was the day that they were due to fly in. The original plan was that I would pick them up from the airport. But as I needed to pick Chester up from School we decided that time would be too tight and my Aunt and Uncle stepped up and offered to pick them up. Thank goodness they did, because their flight was delayed by an hour and a half! Nothing is ever straightforward where my Sister is concerned!

Whilst my Aunt and Uncle were at the airport Millie and I decorated the house with balloons and banners. Luckily Millie can not read, she asked me what the balloons were for. I told her they were for something special later, she next spent the next half an hour or so singing 'Happy Birthday to me'!! So cute!


I had our curtains shut so that Millie could not see when they arrived. The plan was for her to open the door and be shocked! The plan totally worked, and Millie was very shocked! I think what must of been going through her head was.. aren't you are normally on Mummy's Ipad?!! She didn't know what to do! She did eventually go in for cuddles with Auntie Sarah, but saved her cuddles for Luke until later in the day!

The next surprise was the big one, the one we had been waiting for since the day they went away! Even when they had given their original return date we were never going to tell the children, it was always going to be a surprise for them. I had told Chester's teacher in the morning that he was to be surprised at School pick up and she was really excited for him. Luckily, they made it back just in the nick of time for the School run.

We didn't really know how he would react, he may be a very excitable 5 year old, but he is a sensitive soul too.

This is the reaction Sarah got....

And this is the reaction Luke got....


He gave Sarah the biggest squeeze that seemed to go on for ages, he didn't utter a word. I think the smile on his face says it all. He jumped up for a cuddle with Luke and then punched him round the head! Now that may seem a little violent for a 5 year old, but Chester and Luke love to play fight, they get on so well, so this reaction was perfect for them!

Sarah and Luke then came back to ours and stayed the night, catching up with Chester and Millie. Then chatting about their trip with Craig and I when the children had gone to bed. It was a really fab day. Including the eating of a totally awesome Cheesecake I made, I will be posting the recipe up soon!

I wasn't allowed to post anything on social media or tell anyone, as Sarah wanted to surprise our 90 year old Nan too. The reaction from our Nan on the Friday was very possibly better than the reaction from Chester! I made sure she was sitting down first and then brought them in! It was just amazing!

Then late on Friday evening, after Sarah and Luke had travelled down to my parents, I got the nod that we were allowed to tell everyone that they were back!

The relief was amazing!! Finally! No more secrets!!

So thats it, its like they never left!

Chester has planned his whole summer and 90% of it involves Sarah and Luke! So cute!

Have you been traveling? We haven't but we plan to visit lots of different countries when the children are grown up!

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