Thursday, 5 June 2014

Quorn Make Your Dish Famous- Perfect for Picnic

Quorn have a competition over on their Facebook page to make your dish famous. Every 2 weeks they run a competition where you have to cook a dish (with a theme) with the best recipe winning its creator a lovely Picnic hamper for 4. Additionally the photo from each fortnightly winner will be showcased in the Quorn 2015 calendar.

This fortnights theme is Perfect for Picnic. So as we are always having impromptu picnics, because they are the childrens favourite way to spend a day out, I thought I would give it a go and enter!

Now, as you probably know, we are not vegetarians, and actually Quorn is not something we had tried before. But I have heard so many good things about it, and I know it is full of protein! I am very open minded when it comes to food and cooking, so I thought why not, lets give it a go and mix up our family routine a little!

I went along to the supermarket to look at the Quorn range, and I have to say, I was surprised at the choice! There was much more than I thought, especially in the frozen section. I had loads of ideas for grown up picnic food. But as I am catering for my children as well I thought I would go for something that we all would like.

I decided to use Quorn meat free chicken nuggets to make a quick, easy and fun wrap!

Quorn meat free chicken nuggets
small tortilla wraps
pre packed salad
cucumber (cut into thin sticks)
mayonnaise (we substituted this for BBQ sauce for Chester, as apparently he only likes BBQ sauce!)

Cook the nuggets as directed on the packet.
Spread a thin layer of Mayonnaise (or BBQ sauce) onto your tortilla.
Place a small handful of the salad and a few sticks of the cucumber into the middle of the top 3/4's of the wrap.
Then place 2 or 3 Quorn meat free chicken nuggets on top of the salad.
Fold the bottom of your wrap up (to where your salad ends) and fold in each side. I secured my wrap with a little mayonnaise.

We wrapped ours in cling film and enjoyed ours cold during a picnic to the local park. However, if you prefer your nuggets hot, you could wrap your wrap in tin foil, that should keep it warm for a good 2 hours.

They were a big hit with everyone! We all loved the Quorn nuggets, I am so glad we gave them a try!

What's your favourite picnic food, I would love to know?

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