Friday, 20 June 2014

Potty training update!

Potty training started off really well for Millie, we then had a bit of a set back for a few days, where she was happy to just go to the toilet in her pull ups. It was a pretty stressful few days, but I tried my best to stay calm and focus on the positives as I knew that would be the best thing for Millie.

Things seemed to iron themselves out and we were back on track. That was until we had a busy few days and had to leave the house more. When we went to Colchester Zoo last weekend for example, We had Millie's potty with us, we asked her numerous times if she needed her potty but she kept saying no. Instead she had several accidents in her pull ups. 

So after that I decided it was definitely a mix of not wanting to use the potty outside of home and the pull ups making her a little bit lazy when we are out. 

On Tuesday I decided to take the plunge and put her in knickers during the day. We didn't have anywhere to go apart from the School run so I thought it would be a good time to start. She was really good, telling me when she wanted to go and sitting on her potty when she needed to. 

By Thursday I decided it would be a good idea to take her out in her knickers, and what better place to go than the Supermarket to let her choose some new knickers?! She has a few pairs but needed more, especially for potty training accidents. 

On the way there we spoke about choosing some knickers and how she was a big girl now. Whilst we were choosing I bumped into a friend, we were chatting away for sometime, when I noticed Millie had sat down. I asked her if she needed her potty, she said yes. Luckily we were very near the toilets, so it was a quick dash  (typically I had left the potty in the car), and thankfully Millie had done the tiniest accident in her knickers and managed to hold the rest until I put her on the toilet! Phew! 

Afterwards, she was so happy that she had used a big girls toilet, and asked to use it once more before we left the supermarket. 

Today, I took her to a soft play centre. Armed with her potty and lots of spare clothes and underwear! We were there almost 4 hours and had no accidents! She didn't want to use her potty, opting for the toilet instead! I am so proud of her. Then she fell asleep on the way to picking Chester up from School, I was certain she would have an accident. But she proved me wrong! 

So I think hope,  this has been a turning point for Millie. She responded well to using the toilet so maybe when we are out and about I should encourage the toilet rather than the potty where I can? 

It's still stressful times here but I am pleased at how the potty training is progressing! 

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