Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Potty training has begun!

Its official Potty training is well underway for Millie!

It was something I was dreading to be honest. I remember it with Chester, and although he did a super job and was fully potty trained including at night in just over 2 weeks, it was still a nerve wracking time! I was always on edge, constantly worried about accidents, and felt like I asked if he needed the potty about a thousand times per day!

For that reason I have never really pushed the potty with Millie, I mean she knows where it is and what it is for, but I have never pushed her to use it.

But a couple of weeks ago she started to show more interest. She even did a wee on the potty, although I am sure that was more of a coincidence! So after giving it lots of thought we decided to attempt potty training last Tuesday.

Millie is only just 2 and a half (although Chester was potty trained by now) so my main thoughts going into it, were making sure that I didn't push it and that I didn't get stressed if things weren't going to plan.

Huggies kindly sent us a little package just in time, it contained some Daytime Pull -ups and some Nighttime Pull-ups, as well as a pink potty, a Disney reward chart and some Disney stickers.


We had used a reward system with Chester so I knew from experience that it had worked well.

As you all know we are all massive Disney Fans, Millie spends most of her time chatting about Disney Princesses. So as soon as she saw the Pull-ups which have Princesses Aurora and Cinderella on them (some have Minnie Mouse) she was very excited!


We brought Millie some knickers, which we let her choose herself. I think this is important, so that they feel more involved. We gathered a total of 3 potties and placed them two of the bathrooms and front room. We explained all about the stickers and how if she did anything on her potty she would get a sparkly princess sticker, and after getting all stickers we would buy her Sleeping Beauty on Blu Ray! By now she was beyond excited!

Day's 1-4 were pretty much a disaster, by day 3 I was ready to give up. She DID use her potty but only once per day. The other times she either wet her pull ups or did her business right next to her potty. BUT I am really glad that we stuck with it. Day 5 came and it was like someone had flicked a switch in Millie's brain! She told me when she needed to go, she asked for her potty at the right times and she was really showing an interest! Plus, she only had one accident!


We are now exactly one week into the potty training and she is doing so well! She had one accident yesterday when I was cooking the dinner, I think she just panicked because I wasn't in the room. Then today we visited her friends and took her potty with us. She did make one mistake and go in her Pull Up but I think that can be put down to excitement with her friends. She did use her potty whilst she was there too.

Its been a long week of trial and error. We started with Pull - ups and then moved over to knickers. We did this too soon so moved back to Pull-ups. The last 3 nights she has been completely dry at night, which I think is amazing! She is happy to use the Pull-ups, which she calls pants, and can pull them up and down all by herself. The Disney element of the pants and the reward chart has definitely helped Millie. She gets excited every time she needs to put a Pull-up on, will she get Minnie, Aurora or Cinderella?! Her favourite is Aurora of course! She then loves the excitement afterwards of waving her doings goodbye down the toilet and then choosing her Disney Princess sticker!

Moving into week 2 will be more about how she copes when we are out and about. Last week it was half term, so we could stay in a lot more than we normally would. So this week will bring a new set of challenges for us all!

Wish us luck!

I will keep you updated with her progress!  


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