Thursday, 19 June 2014

Penwizard personalised children's books

I was recently asked if I would like to review a personalised childrens book by Penwizard. Chester is 5 and his reading is coming along really well. He is the sort of child though, that needs the book to be exciting enough for him to want to read it. If its not, he will muck about and not want to read it. Which is understandable really, as adults we wouldn't read a book that we found boring would we?!

As you know, the World Cup is on at the moment. Chester has really got in to it. Asking me about the matches everyday! When he saw the highlights of England's match against Italy at the weekend he was not happy! He told me that when he was older, he was going to play for England in the World Cup and he would be in charge, he would gather up all of his friends and they would win! It was so sweet, he was so passionate about it all! At School at the moment they have a football coach come in once a week to teach them some basic skills and Chester is really loving it, so much so that I am thinking about putting him into a training course in the summer!

One of the books that you can choose to personalise is a football book. So because of Chester's recent interest in football I chose that. You can choose a selection of premiership teams and England. Our team is Crystal Palace and they are not on the list (boo). I was already intending on choosing England because of the World Cup so this was not a problem. However, if I had wanted Crystal Palace I could of chose to customise my own team so it would of been very easy to do!

Its a very easy process you simply fill in your team name, you childs name, pick a hair colour, skin tone and you can even choose glasses too. Chester doesn't wear glasses, but I understand how important this feature is to children who do.

You can choose to add a personalised message on the first page, which I chose to do...

 You then get to choose which stadium they play at, I decided to choose one in Brazil so it was fitting with the current World Cup. You name a manager and two players who will appear alongside your child in the story, and customise their looks as well.

Its as easy as that! It takes 5 minutes to create, just make sure you double check all of your spellings as Penwizard are obviously not responsible for those.

The book arrived fairly quickly, I couldn't wait to open it! The story was great, it was about how Chester went to watch an England match as a fan. He then got picked as the days prize winner. The prize was to meet the players and join in with training practise! As the story goes on, in a twist of events, Chester ends up playing for England and the ends up scoring the winning goal in the final!

When Chester got home from School I could not wait to read it with him! He was so excited when he read his name on the book! Needless to say the book has been a huge success, Chester has even asked if he can take it into School next time it is his turn for show and tell!

The book is a really good quality paper back, it has a glossy cover and lovely thick pages. Its usual price is £14.99 which I think, for what you get, is a great price. BUT at the moment the football book is on offer for only £9.99, absolute bargain! Its a great book, a really lovely keepsake!

So, come on then, what football team would you choose for your childs book?!

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