Monday, 2 June 2014

Our half term

Chester's School has an inset day today,  so effectively today is his last day of half term! 

I have to honestly say this has been the toughest 'holiday' since Chester started School last September! Chester has decided he enjoys winding Millie up and Millie has decided that she likes to scream. At everything. 

We started the week off with a lovely BBQ with Craig's family. It was a great afternoon, just chilling in our garden, Chester and his Aunt built a giant dominos tower, both kiddies bounced on the trampoline (what a surprise!) and Craig even cut the grass! 


Then Chester asked to have a sleep over at his Aunties, the first time he has asked/wanted too so we said yes! So we packed Chester and Millie off for an impromptu stay at Auntie Lindsey's! 

This of course meant that It was very quiet in our house! As it was Bank Holiday Monday we had the added luxury of no alarm clocks (read that as Chester and Millie). But of course we were both still awake quite early, isn't that just typical! 

We decided to go to the cinema. We rarely get to go on 'a date', it was something that I wanted to do more of this year, but time goes so quickly! This is the first time we have had babysitters in months! I had a little sulk, because I wanted to see Captain America, Noah or Pompeii. But of course they were so last month, so we had missed that boat! Instead we chose to see X Men - days of future past. It was actually really good, so I am glad we got to see it! 

I was working that evening, and Chester and Millie had yet another sleepover, this time at Nannie and Grandad Pete's (I know, I know, the sleep overs were like buses) I had a day up in London learning all about a new Dyson, (watch out for my post about that soon.) Chester and Millie had a great couple of days, playing, colouring and making cookies. More importantly spending quality time with family. 

Chester was very excited when it came to Wednesday, he was off for a Daddy/Son day to Legoland! We used a buy one child get and adult free voucher from Kellogg's, which made it a bit more affordable! I told Craig to let Chester lead the Day, so that mean they went on the Dragon a few times! 


Chester is a real thrill seaker, he just loves roller coasters! As well as lots of other rides, he also went on Driving School and his most favourite since he was 1 year old.... Fairy tale brook! Overall they had a fantastic day! 


Millie and I didn't want to miss out on a fun day, so after we waved Daddy and Chester off we decided we would go to the cinema to see Postman Pat! Millie absolutely loved it, Pat managed to keep her attention throughout the whole film! 


Then we decided we would pop along to a local garden centre, Dobbies. Never been there before, but so glad we decided to go. We had a delicious lunch in their cafe, so much food to choose from and the seating area is big enough to accommodate busy periods! We then spent a good hour wandering around, Millie was very interested in the plants and flowers. Then we came to the fish section, which she loved! So much so that we ended up coming home with 4 new tropical fish, Cherry barbs. Which she has named Turtle, Nemo, Fishy and ET!! 


Thursday, Friday and Saturday were disaster days to be honest! Both children were winding each other up, and although I managed to distract them with the pop up post office, baking and trips to the park, the majority of my time was spent telling them not to do something! I think Chester is missing his School friends and Millie is missing the attention she gets from me when Chester is at School. 

Today though (touch wood) we have managed to have barely any arguments and have played together nicely! We have also made some jam tarts, which I will write about separately. 

Phew! I think in the nicest possible way, I will be glad to get back to normality tomorrow! 

How has your half term been?! 

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