Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Fathers Day - some gift inspiration!

I don't know about you, but I find buying gifts for Men really hard. I mean, my Dad for instance, if he wants something, he buys it. So that leaves no ideas for when it comes to buying him a present! 

Craig is very tricky to buy for, he is one of these people that goes through different fad's quite often. 

This Sunday is Fathers Day, but for us, its also Craig's Birthday. So this makes it doubly hard for us! I have actually got something planned for Craig's Birthday, but I can not reveal it until Sunday as Craig may read this!  

So, what do you get the Man who doesn't really need anything? Well, I have been researching into this, and I think I may well of just cracked it this year! Craig (as I am sure most husbands do) works really hard, sometimes, he just wants to come home and relax. But that is very hard in this house, what with two cheeky monkeys wanting to pounce on him as soon as he walks through the door! 

So what if the present was something to help them relax, encourage them to chill out. Just for one day of course, the lawn won't mow itself you know!

What if you brought them toiletries?! Now bare with me Ladies, hear me out. I know you think toiletries are just for women, but why can't they be for men too? 

Craig has been busy trying out this lot....

Craig has a manual job, for those of you who don't know, he is a mechanic. So he can come home in a pretty scruffy state! He actually changed jobs a little while back and now carries out MOT's, so although he can still come home looking a bit scruffy, things have improved!
The other evening he had a rare, relaxing bath, and tried out the Radox Muscle Therapy. He loved the scent and said he felt lovely and relaxed afterwards! Apparently it was nice to shake it up a bit and have a bath (he usually has a shower), he can see this happening more often! With an RRP of £2.31 its an affordable treat.
Craig is not one to cleanse, tone and moisturise normally. But I made him, for the purpose of my research of course! He said 'I was reluctant to give the Dove Men+Care products a go, but I am pleased that I did. My skin feels so much better after using the face wash, and the moisturiser has done wonders on my rough skin! 
At £8.99 for the moisturiser and only £2.99 for the face wash I say these are great Father's Day gifts!

Craig said, now that he has tried the products, he would be really happy if he received them as a gift! (HINT HINT to Family and Friends if you are reading!)

Another Father's Day gift that would go down really well in this house is Childrens books! I know that may sound silly, seeing as its Fathers Day. But actually, Craig really loves reading to the Children, and they love it when he does read to them. 

Little Tiger Press have brought out a really lovely carry case of books. It includes 4 paperback books, a card and some stickers. Stickers always go down a real treat with my two, so I can imagine that the card is going to be stickertastic (is that even a word) by Saturday evening! The books included are Before We Go To Bed, My Daddy and Me, Oops-a-Daisy, and The Very Happy Hippo. The stories are perfect length for bedtime stories, they are aimed at Children aged 3-6 and have an RRP of £9.99.

Another book idea, this one from Caterpillar books and is called, Sorry Dad! This book actually made me laugh out loud, it is actually the perfect book for Chester and Craig! It is about a cat and his son. They are the best of friends, but the son is always getting over excited, he means well, and is only playing, but one day it was all a bit too much for the Dad! A great book priced at only £5.99!

So there you have it, a few ideas in the run up to Fathers Day! Whatever you choose to give as a gift, I hope all the Dad's out there have a fantastic day! 

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