Monday, 16 June 2014

Fathers Day AND Birthday celebrations!

As you all know it was Fathers Day on Sunday. But in this house, it was a double celebration as it was Craig's Birthday too! 


Craig works very hard for us, and he is a great Daddy to Chester and Millie, so I wanted to make sure we gave him a day to remember. 

We had decided a few weeks back that we would use our Tesco Clubcard vouchers and go to Colchester Zoo. We LOVE Colchester Zoo and think it's the best Zoo we have visited in this country. But as it's about 2 hours away from us we haven't been for a couple of years. 

So Craig already knew that we would be going to the Zoo, but last week I decided he deserved an extra treat whilst we were there. So I booked him a keeper shadowing experience! I originally chose a lion experience, but I soon got a phone call to tell me that experience had sold out so I opted for Rhino instead! 

We told him the night before about his keeper shadowing experience, he was really surprised and very happy about it! His keeper shadowing would include a chat with the keeper about Rhinos and then a chance to feed and stroke the Rhinos! It would last around 30 minutes. We stayed at his parents house as it was slightly closer and it meant that they could come with us too.

We set off early for our day at the Zoo and arrived in time for opening at 9.30am. Chester and Millie were very excited! Craig's experience was at 10am, so it was decided that we would all follow Craig down to his experience and wait for him. Then afterwards we would work our way backwards around the Zoo. 

We were lucky that we could look down on some of Craig's experience from the balcony, the children were very excited for him and couldn't believe he was stroking a Rhino! I suppose people think that Rhinos are pretty angry and dangerous creatures, but infact they are the total opposite, gentle giants. We also learnt that Rhinos have no natural predators in the wild, yer they are threatened with extinction. Their only threat is poachers. Very sad.

We spent the rest of the day strolling around, looking at all of the other animals, having snack breaks, playing in the play areas and riding the land train. There is so much to see and do at Colchester Zoo, we were there until about 5pm. So over 7 hours, and we didn't quite manage to do/see everything! 

Some highlights from our day..... 

Craig's favourite part of the day was definitly his Rhino keeper shadowing experience! 

Chester says that his favourite part of the day was playing in the play areas AND seeing the tigers take a nap! 

Millie says that her favourite part of the day was seeing the Giraffes and hanging like a monkey! 

It will come as no surprise that my favourite part of the day was watching everyone's excitement, especially seeing Chester and Millie's faces when they saw a different animal! 

We had the most fantastic day, how about you, what did you get upto on Fathers Day? 

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