Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Easy ways to improve your car's fuel consumption.

Nowadays most people need/have a car to get around. 

We are lucky enough to have two cars. I say lucky enough, but sometimes running a car costs more money than we have! Its a necessity for us, Craig works half an hour away from home and I need the car to get Chester to School. I could of chosen a School within walking distance to us, but as you all know, I chose his School because I thought it was perfect for Chester, and it turns out that it is. So going down to one car was not an option for us. 

Debt Free Direct have made this fun infographic for you, it highlights ways in which you can improve your cars fuel consumption. 

I am sure, that if you are like me, you will find it very useful. I am always looking for ways that I can save costs on my car. I already implement tip 5 and make sure I am getting the best deal for my fuel prices. The tip that helped me the most was number 8. Keeping your tyres properly inflated.

I have to admit that I am not very good at remembering to do this, the faff of having to find a 20p to pop in the machine at the garage, means by the time I have got a 20p I have forgotten what I needed it for!

Debt Free Direct kindly sent me a money saving car kit to help me on my quest to save on my cars fuel consumption and other car costs!

As you can see, it contained a dustbuster, a universal bulb kit, some jump leads and a digital tyre inflator!

Craig laughed at me when he saw the dustbuster as my car is a TIP!! That is of course all thanks to the kiddies and the fact I let them eat in the car (naughty Mummy). The bulb kit also contained fuses too, which was handy because my fuse had blown ages ago in my cigarette lighter (is that even what they are called nowadays?!). Craig kindly replaced it for me and then I was able to use the dustbuster!

The jump leads are always very handy to have in the car. Craig is a mechanic by trade so really they are something we should already have in the car, but we don't. Calling out roadside recovery can be costly, but if it was a case of simply jumping the car until I could get it to Craig to fix that would save us money.

Craig helped me with the tyre pressures on my car, the digital machine is great, you set it to the pressure you need and away you go! So quick and easy!

Whilst Craig had the machine out, we cheekily asked him to pump up the childrens mini paddling pools too! Millie was of course delighted because they are perfect size for her and her dolly! Chester was a unimpressed to say the least!

I have got all the items from my money saving kit in the boot of my car, stored neatly in a plastic box. So now I have no excuse, I have to keep my tyres pumped up! It will save on fuel consumption so hopefully start saving us money!

Do you or would you use any of the tips on the infographic? Do you have any tips you would like to share with me?

*Please note this post was written by myself, the infographic was supplied by Debt Free Direct, and I was sent the money saving kit for my time.

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