Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A double trip to the seaside!

Last week, I asked Millie what she wanted to do for the day. She said she would like to go to the beach. I agreed that it was a good idea so started getting ready to go. But after a long pause, she started questioning if Nannie and Grandad were coming. I had to explain to her that they now live over 2 hours away and it was just not possible to go to the beach with them at the drop of a hat! That didn't go down too well with Millie and she decided she didn't want to go to the beach after all.  

I have to say I felt pretty sad for her. She asks almost daily to talk to them on Facetime and she was gutted that she couldn't just go to their local beach with them! 

So last Saturday I decided we would go our local beach. I grabbed us some picnic food, the kids swim stuff and their buckets and spades, and off we went. Chester was really excited, so thankfully that meant that Millie was excited too. 

The seaside nearest to us has a splash pool area and a sand play area set back slightly from the seafront. So we headed for the splash pool area. Which turned out to be a great move. Chester quickly made friends with some other children and they occupied themselves with a big water fight. Whilst Millie was more than happy to fill her bucket up with water and pour it back in the pool! They both kept coming over to snack on picnic food and warm up in their towels, they were having a great time. We ended up staying in the splash area for nearly 2 hours! 

We then spent some time on the beach. Much to Chester's delight it is mainly a pebble beach. He loves nothing more than throwing pebbles into the sea! Millie wanted to find shells, she got a bit confused between pebbles and shells at first, but by the end I think she just about got it! We were also lucky enough to see some little crabs!

It was a really great day. When we got home, Chester and Millie told Daddy all about it (he had been at work). They were so excited that we decided we would take them back the next day! We thought why not, its a cheap, local day out. 

So on the Sunday, we set off with our picnic ready for round 2 at the beach! This time we stopped off at the arcades to spend a few 2p's, and then a play in the sand play area. 

We were soon at the splash water area though, Chester and Millie couldn't resist it anymore! The really do love that area. Sadly Chester was a bit of a pickle (putting it politely) which put a bit of a downer on that part of the day. 

We finished off our day by walking along the beach. Where we found lots of lovely shells, and a crab claw. Craig even managed to put two small crabs into Chesters bucket for the children to look at. It was the highlight of Chester and Millie's day! 

So that was our weekend, 2 days spent at the beach! I am pleased that Millie liked it, it was good for her to see that she could still have fun at the seaside without Nannie and Grandad! 

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