Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Saturday night = Family night in

For us, Saturday night is movie night. Its the only night that no one is working and the children are allowed to stay up a little later as its not a School night!

The children get very excited about it. We normally walk around to our local corner shop, where we can hire a blu ray for just £1 per night. Even new releases! They choose a film and a few 1p sweets (although they cost more than 1p nowadays!) and then we wait for Daddy to come home from work!

On movie night, we like to have a really easy dinner. Something we can enjoy whilst watching the film, rather than sitting at the table to eat. Sometimes that means ordering a takeaway and other times it can mean snacky food such as crisps, dips and popcorn.

I was recently made aware of a new range of Pizzas that Tesco have brought out.

Tesco Takeaway Pizzas are everything you'd want for a fun and indulgent night in at a fraction of the cost of a typical takeaway. Each pizza is packaged in a takeaway style box and served with one of four different dips to dunk the crispy, golden crusts.

They come in 10 different flavour combinations, and at £3.75 each or 2 for £6 I could not wait to give them a go!

We decided on Tesco Smokey New Yorker Hotdog Stuffed Crust Takeaway Pizza, and the Chilli Beef Nacho Takeaway Pizza, for our movie night last week. The children had chosen to rent out The Muppets and were very excited especially about the hotdog pizza!

The pizzas only take 11 minutes to cook, so by the time we had got the movie set up and arranged drinks for everyone, they were ready! The Hotdog pizza came with a BBQ dip and the Chilli Beef Nacho pizza came with a sour cream dip. We thought the dips were a nice little touch and really did add to that takeaway feel.

The Hotdog pizza went down really well with everyone. The children especially loved the hotdogs around the crust, and Craig and I loved the flavours and texture of the pizza, it really was like a takeaway pizza! The Chilli Beef Nacho one was nice too, however it was a little too spicy for the children. It was nice to have that added texture of the Nachos.

We really want to try the bacon cheeseburger pizza too, that is next on our list! Both that one and the hot dog pizza are limited edition and won't be around for ever, my advice would be to try them whilst you can!

Our family night in was a big success last week, the children really enjoyed the film and we all enjoyed the Pizzas. At a cost of under £10 for the whole night (including movie, sweets and pizzas) it was a really affordable way to spend some quality time together as a family!

How do you spend your Saturday evenings?

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