Friday, 23 May 2014

Oven bake Churros!

Almost every week, I take part in recipe of the week linky, which is hosted by Emily on her blog A Mummy Too. Emily's blog is always on my reading list, I have cooked many a recipe thanks to her blog!

This week I linked up my Rhubarb cookies recipe. After submitting I always take time to read recipes that others have submitted. I even went back later in the week this week to catch up on any new links. I am so glad that I did because I found a fantastic Cinnamon and sugar oven baked Churros recipe on Claire's blog, What Claire Baked. 

Millie and I made some yesterday, following Claire's recipe. 

I was amazed, not only were they easy to make, they tasted amazing! Doughnuts that had not been fried, and they still tasted amazing! 

They were such a hit here, Chester loved them so much that he has requested we put them on our half term to do list for next week! I think I will make a chocolate sauce to go with them next time too! 

If you fancy making these yourself then please do pop over to What Claire Baked (link above) where you will find the recipe! 

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