Friday, 16 May 2014

My first Bento

I have been admiring peoples Bento lunch pictures for ages. Not a day goes by where I don't see a beautiful and fun Bento lunch creation on instagram, twitter or facebook. Dont get me wrong, I am not complaining, I love them! But have never really had the time to make one, until now.

Millie especially, as become more and more fussy with her eating. She used to eat anything and everything, but now she is a little more choosy.

I found out the other week that cutting her sandwiches into various shapes made her think her sandwiches were now magical and low and behold, she ate them!

So I was already halfway there, when I decided that I should really give this Bento malarky a go for myself.

I managed to pick up some really lovely silicone cupcake cases in Dunelm Mill the other day, they were in the clearance section. I managed to get some butterflies and some frogs. As of yet I do not own any fancy Bento "props" but I am sure that is soon to change. So I simply made do with what I had.

I used a small container with two compartments as my base, I then wanting to carry on my garden theme (the cupcake cases) I used a small flower shaped cookie cutter to cut out some carrot and apple. I then used a larger flower shaped cookie cutter to make a flower shaped ham sandwich. Added some pringles, a Rhubarb cookie and a ladybird baby bel.


Not bad for my first attempt I think. I am sure my creations will only get better as I go along. But for now Millie was really pleased with her fun Bento lunch. It really did turn a boring meal into a fun eating experience for my toddler!

Do you make Bento lunches? I would love to know.

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