Thursday, 8 May 2014

Mega Bloks - get out and play!

May is such a great month; winter is well and truly behind us and summer is on the horizon. So now is
the perfect time to really make the most of your outside space – whether it’s a garden, terrace, patio or 
park. For little ones, it’s all about fresh air – filling their lungs, being active and having lots of fun. 

As a family, we love being outdoors. We are lucky that both of our children seem to be little explorers and want to spend lots of time outside. Obviously in the winter months this can prove a little difficult. So when the sun does start to show its face we spend as much time as possible outside. Our summer will mostly consist of picnics in the park and trips to some local beaches!

Mega Bloks are calling on families to ‘Get Out and Play’ this May. Playing outdoors has lots of benefits and its a great opportunity to spend time together!

We were sent some Mega Bloks toys to help us with this!

So our plan was to have a picnic in the local country park on Bank Holiday Monday.

One lovely idea from Mega Bloks is to; 'Exercise their imaginations! Playing outside is the perfect opportunity for your children to develop their imaginations! Give them some props, such as First Builders blocks, and a theme, asking them to create a show for you to watch a little later. Be sure to praise their ideas and creativity afterwards. This is also a lovely way to get siblings working as a team towards a common goal – an invaluable skill that will come in handy once the summer holidays arrive!'

So that is exactly what we intended to do. Sadly, nothing seems to go to plan when you want it too! Millie became poorly on Sunday evening and by Monday morning her temperature was very high and she was very sleepy. So our plans when out of the window! It turns out she had a throat infection, ear infection AND cracking on the lungs. Poor child had three infections all at once!

By yesterday afternoon she was perking up a bit, not enough energy for a trip to the country park. But she needed some fresh air, so after Chester finished School we laid a picnic blanket on the decking and pretended we were at the country park!

Chester was happily playing with the Mega Bloks 3 in 1 ride on Jeep. It has 10 Mega bloks my first bricks hidden in the seat compartment, and the buttons on the steering wheel mimic real Jeep sounds! Its age recommendation is 1-3 years old. At 2 Millie in the middle of that age range and she loves it. She has been playing with it inside and is the perfect size to be scooting around on it. Chester at age 5 is over the age range BUT he is a typical boy who loves to construct. Seeing as you can build the bloks onto various points of the Jeep, he loves it too! He has even been using some bloks from the My first bricks bag to build bigger jeep constructions!

As we had the Picnic blanket out, I thought it would be a great idea to get the Mega Bloks Play 'n' Go Tea Party. Millie loves a tea party, she is always getting out her tea set and treating her teddies and dollies to a lovely cup of tea. She really likes this Mega Bloks version, because she can pull her 'tea and cake' around in the cart. In the picture above, Millie can be seen feeding tea to her beloved baby panda! We added the cake stickers to the blocs and now we can create all sorts of sweet treats by building them up! What I love about the Tea Party set, is that the wagon/cart handle folds underneath itself for compact storage! At £19.99 I think its a really lovely set, a real base builder for young childrens imaginations!

We were outside around 45 minutes, just enough for Millie as she is still a little under the weather. But they had so much fun, it certainly seemed to cheer her up and Chester was only to happy to lead the imaginative play! I can see our summer months being filled with afternoons like this!

Mega Bloks has a wealth of expert tips and advice for getting the most from play, so visit for inspiration. Plus during May, you’ll find a host of Mega Bloks toys on special offer in stores and online including Argos, The Entertainer, Toys R Us and Smyths Toy Stores so now really is the perfect time to Get out and Play!

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