Sunday, 18 May 2014

Making a Maystick ...

I don't know about you, but I have very fond memories of dancing around the maypole at Primary School.

When Chester started School, I happened to notice on the calendar we were given, that there would be maypole dancing. At that point I had no idea what would be involved, to some extent I still don't, as it's not until Tuesday. But we were told a little while ago that the girls would need poseys and the boys would need a  Maystick. 

After asking some of the Mums, it turns out that a Maystick is literally a stick with flowers ontop. When I first mentioned this to Chester he was very against carrying flowers, apparently they are for girls! 

But he needed to have one, and he will need one every year he is at Primary School, so over the last few days I have been busy gathering the materials together to make my own. 

I was originally going to get some red and blue flowers (Crystal Palace colours), but after looking around several shops couldn't find what I had in mind. So in the end I settled for blue with a little bit of white to break it up. I didn't want the Maystick to be too big as he is only five, so I got enough artificial flowers for two 'layers' rather than the three I was originally going to do. I picked up a cheap mop with a wooden handle, which Craig then chopped up to make the stick part of the Maystick. 

I left out the Oasis, I decided I could attach the flowers straight to the stick and if it didn't look right I would admit defeat and go get the oasis! 

After working out how I was arranging the flowers, I used parcel tape to stick on each flower, one at a time. I chopped the 'stems' off of the flowers and bent the heads into the correct position. 

To my surprise, the whole process was much easier than I thought! The last part of the process was to wrap some ribbon around the stick, I found this the hardest part. Very fiddly, especially trying to tie it up at the top! I finished it off with a different coloured ribbon as a bow and some spirals. Chester tells me I went too far with those though. So they may have to come off before Tuesday! 

What do you think.....


Do your Children have Maypole dancing too? I would love to know! 

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