Friday, 9 May 2014

Make your own Skylanders money box.

Ever since the announcement of Skylanders Trap Team, Chester has been looking for money to save. Quite literally, he has turned our house upside down. Looking in every cupboard and drawer, under sofas and beds and even in our purses and wallets! Cheeky monkey! 

He is wanting to save money so that he can purchase the new game when it comes out in October.

He soon had quite a big collection of mainly 1p, 2p and 5p's, too many for his wallet. So we decided to make a Skylanders themed money box! 

It was really easy to make, we used a large butter tub (that had been washed out) and some Skylanders stickers. Most newsagents sell the sticker packs for around 50p a pack, we used stickers from 5 different packs plus some extra little ones we had lying around. 


We decided to use the small stickers on the top, creating a collage. We then used the bigger stickers around the sides and on the bottom. Lastly we used a Stanley knife to cut a coin sized slit in the top! 

What do you think.... 


Chester is very impressed with it. The only problem now is that he spends every waking moment thinking of ways to save more money! 


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